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27 Hacked-Up Bodies Discovered in Grisly Scene in Mexico Just Miles from US Border

The hacked-up remains of 27 bodies have been uncovered dumped in clandestine graves in Mexico — just miles from the US border, volunteer searchers said.

The corpses, many of which had been chopped into a half-dozen pieces, were discovered close to the center of Reynosa, which is only about 15 miles south of McAllen, Texas.

Some of the bodies appeared to have been buried so recently that bits of flesh with tattoos were still visible, which allowed relatives to identify at least four of the people, according to the searchers.

The grim discovery was made this week by the missing person search group For the Love of the Disappeared after it received an anonymous tip.

Edith González, the leader of the search group, said the bodies were found in 16 different burial pits and that some corpses were only covered by about a foot of dirt.

She added that it appeared the clandestine burial site may have been used by gangs as recently as a month or two ago.

González speculated that the tip could have come from a person previously associated with gangs.

She did not elaborate further on the details of the tip.

“People are starting to shake off their fear and have begun reporting,” she said.

The prosecutor’s office in the border state of Tamaulipas confirmed it is investigating the discovery of the remains.

  • John says:

    Spread the body parts on the lawn of the open border domestic terrorist fraudulently elected pedophiles lawn in front of the fake White House, give credit where credit is due

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