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Tucker Carlson: This Is the Reality About Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

  • Zeynep Karakurt Ozman says:

    Very well put! Biden is Zelensky’s boss, whole of Europe unconsciously found themselves on Ukraine’s side. Tax monies are pouring in to Zelensky’s pocket, but he doesn’t spend the money on his clothing. He prefers to have the Che Guavera looks. When we watch the genuine dilemmas of ordinary Ukranians, Zelensky and his pretty wife appears in luxurious, well lit, warm palaces to warn the West about Russia. He thinks that he is the leader of the world to rule the East and West…….I find him more like a 21st Century Hitler……. CNN should stop attacking Trump from all corners of their lives, but concentrate on aggressive Ukranian regime, who is accidentally bombarding Poland. Zelensky wouldn’t bat an eye lid to bring the world to the edge of the Nuclear War if he can.

  • Albert says:

    Hell no !!!



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