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Tucker Carlson: Martha’s Vineyard Residents Are so Proud of The Way They Handled Migrants

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  • Marian Langston says:

    Marthas Vineyard – just a more elite class of left wing lying, hypocrites – “not in my front yard” WHERE have we heard this before? They are a class oriented prejudiced people as witnessed by their actions which are contradictory of their WORDS!

  • Pietro Trisciuoglio says:

    Ahahahahah Tucker Your irony is priceless you are great 🙂

  • Marsha Hays says:

    They are the elite and nothing more than snobs. How do they think those poor people at the border feel with thousands upon thousands coming onto their property everyday ( day and night) bring drugs, weapons and diseases. They only had to deal with 50 and what did they do whined and cried last suits etc etc
    Think those illegals were excited to go there but did receive such a warm welcome from a sanctuary state Boo Hidd

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