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‘Will No Longer Be Around’: Trump Issues Stark Warning to Mexico

Former President Donald Trump warned Mexico of its prospective demise if World War III were to break out during a Univision interview that aired late Thursday.

“You could end up in World War III,” Trump told Univision host Enrique Acevedo. “And if World War III happens, probably Mexico will no longer be around. Because the power of nuclear weapons are so big, if they hit us, you’re gonna be wiped out too. That’s how bad it is.”

Trump compared the threat of nuclear war to environmental concerns, giving a sense of urgency to the potentiality of global conflict.

“When I hear these people talking about the environment and, over a 300-year period, ‘the oceans will rise by one one hundredth of an inch, and this is such a threat.’ It’s not a threat,” Trump said.

“The threat is not global warming, it’s nuclear warming. It’s the single biggest threat to your country, to our county, to every country:”

President Joe Biden claimed climate change is an “even more frightening” threat than nuclear war.

National Security Council (NSC) Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby doubled down on the president’s statement, saying that Biden “absolutely” stands by his September remarks.

International tensions have risen following the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel waged by Hamas, an Islamic terror group.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised on Oct. 9 that Israel’s response to the attacks would “echo for generations.”


  • andrew says:

    not a question of if but when the next nuclear bombs will be used. If by a terror group then maybe it ends with one or 2 but if done by a nuclear power, almost guarantee escalation.

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