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Wealthy Columbia University Agitator with ‘Killer’ Past Dodges Jail Time Again

A wealthy young woman who avoided prison time for a deadly 2020 crash that killed a Vermont couple was among 114 anti-Israel agitators arrested at Columbia University last week – enraging the victims’ family.

Protests have been rocking the campus in recent days as anti-Israel sympathizers demand the Israeli military stop fighting back after Hamas terrorists launched an attack on the country in October.

Things have gotten so bad that a campus rabbi is urging Jewish students to leave amid concerns for their safety.

One of the protesters is Isabel Jennifer Seward, now 20, the New York Post revealed, citing arrest records. She was 16 when she allegedly drove over the double yellow lines and plowed into Chet and Connie Hawkins, 73 and 72. Police reports allege she made no effort to avoid the crash.

“She has no remorse, she received no punishment. She’s just prancing around Columbia with her Ivy League privilege,” the couple’s 49-year-old niece, Eve Taylor, told the Post Sunday. “After basically getting away with murder, she’s now promoting murder, with no understanding of what she’s promoting.”

Seward’s father is UPS executive Bill Seward, according to Taylor, who claimed her father’s wealth got her out of criminal charges. The Sewards could not immediately be reached for comment.

“She should be behind bars,” Taylor told the paper.

The Rutland Herald, a Vermont newspaper, reported in January 2021 that Seward received only a $220 fine as punishment for the deadly collision, even though she allegedly gave police conflicting information and may have been texting before impact and another driver recorded the crash on video.

Taylor is calling on Vermont State Police to reopen the investigation into her aunt and uncle’s deaths.

A state police spokesman directed questions about the 2020 case to the Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office.

George, described by local media as a progressive Democrat, is currently named in an unrelated petition calling for her resignation over her “personal ideology.”

Seward was 16 at the time of the crash, and juvenile matters are typically confidential in the state. But some details emerged publicly as the case played out.

The Herald reported Seward’s name was originally redacted in public records related to the deadly crash – only for state police to reveal it in a press release, exposing a dispute between law enforcement and the progressive prosecutor’s office.

“Unbelievable — why on earth would VSP not have contacted their freakin general counsel BEFORE releasing the name!??!” George wrote to one of her staffers in an email obtained by the paper.

Also arrested during the Columbia protests was Isra Hirsi, the daughter of “Squad” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota.

  • Leisure Suit Larry says:

    Time for the people to take care of business, this administration is worthless!

  • Zeus Papadopoulos says:

    I read these comments. Some are spot on. Some don’t have a clue. But, most know this fat twit got away with murder. She has no morals and could care less about anyone, but herself. A couple of nights at Riker’s Island, might enlighten her. I’ll bet her parents are so proud of her. The victim’s family, friends, and anyone who wants one (including me) should wear T-shirts, with this fatty on the front, with the captions “Jennifer Seward murdered Chet & Connie Hawkins.” Then parade them around campus. Put them on posters and attach to trees & light poles. Neighbors of her parents should stake signs on their front lawns, stating the same. These people have no conscience. Public shaming, is the solution.

  • J says:

    These terrorists need to be stopped.

    Arrest all of them with a one way ticket to Gitmo, while Nuremberg 2.0 is set up for their trial.

    its time the coddling of these terrorists is ended



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