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Watch: Woman Go Absolutely Nuts as She’s Dragged Off Spirit Airlines Flight in Cartoonish Meltdown

Viral footage shows the moment an unidentified woman was arrested on a Spirit Airlines plane after an over-the-top meltdown that rivaled Jim Carrey’s contortionist performance in “The Mask.”

A clip posted to TikTok on March 23 showed several Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers confronting the suspect as the plane sat on the tarmac ahead of takeoff.

It wasn’t known why the cops were called to arrest her, but as soon as the clip started, it became apparent that the unidentified woman was acting erratically.

@realkingjon This is the whole uneditded video #fyp #viral #spiritairlines ♬ original sound – KingJon

The bug-eyed suspect, clad in a sleeveless sweater and sporting a gold necklace and a large Afro, is seen resisting officers’ attempts to handcuff her.

“I can walk out on my own. Why are you doing that … Why are you acting like I’m a rascal?” she pleads.

“Let this go. Can I do that with freedom? All I care about is freedom!” she declares.

As two officers are seen handcuffing her, other passengers film the spectacle.

When one officer tells her she is under arrest, she responds: “That’s fine. I’ve been there before.”

She then turns behind her to look directly into a passenger’s cellphone camera that is livestreaming the interaction.

At this point in the clip, the drama kicks into high gear as the woman tries to stand up and contorts her face wildly.

“I’ve f—ing been there before. This s— hurts my elbow, it’s hurting my wrist,” she screams while gyrating her body to and fro.

“You’re hurting me, sheriff! You’re hurting me, sheriff,” she bellows, before letting out five consecutive screams.

“I can’t breathe. Why are you touching my leg,” she repeatedly demands, prompting the officers to appear to smirk as giggles erupt through the cabin amid the cartoonish performance.

As she repeatedly screams “I can’t breathe,” a reference to George Floyd’s dying words, the flight attendant is heard over the intercom telling everyone they will need to “deplane the aircraft,” prompting a loud collective groan.

Commenters took to the post to speculate on what could have prompted the outburst.

“That’s a evil spirit in her possession happening right in front of everyone,” one person wrote.

“How did she get past airport security??” another asked.

“This is really sad. I hope she found some help and it comforted her,” wrote another.

  • Janet says:

    Legalized drug use by the left has turned people into psychos.

  • Janet says:

    Keep legalizing drug use. This is what you get.

  • Dorothy says:

    It is very scary to watch a so called human being acting this way. It think she needs Mental Care right away.

  • John sweet says:

    Imagine if she had been allowed to fly, how much fun her in-flight entertainment would have been for the other passengers!



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