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Watch: Vulnerable Dem Runs Campaign Ad Denouncing Biden, Touting GOP Partnership

Democratic Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur released an ad Friday decrying President Joe Biden for allowing China to hurt her state’s solar industry as she faces off against a Trump-backed challenger, according to The New York Times.

Kaptur’s ad says Biden is “letting Ohio solar manufacturers be undercut by China,” and she is working with Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman to protect jobs.

Her general election opponent Republican nominee J.R. Majewski snagged former President Donald Trump’s endorsement in what is considered one of the most competitive congressional races nationwide.

The ad claims Majewski is “not happy” and “opposes her All of the Above energy plan,” predicting he would “let Ohio energy jobs die.”

“She (Kaptur) doesn’t work for Joe Biden, she works for you,” the ad states.

National Republican Congressional Committee regional spokeswoman Courtney Parella pointed out that Kaptur said in 2020, “It would be my honor to not just vote for Joe Biden, but to work for him and Senator Kamala Harris.”

Kaptur has also voted in line with Biden’s position 100% of the time, according FiveThirtyEight.


  • Kelly says:

    You’ll see more dems resorting to these tactics simply to keep their lucrative jobs. If reelected, they will revert back to their evil ways.

  • Kim says:

    Come on man. She is a miracle worker. One of her current ads shows a gentleman who passed away several years ago. How can she do that?????

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