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Watch: Vivek Flips Script on NBC Reporter as She Has Meltdown on Camera

At this point, the liberal media should just give up when it comes to trying to pull their usual stunts on Vivek Ramaswamy. Not only is he not going to fall for it, but he’s going to shred them in response, in epic fashion. He’s now shown this multiple times.

He did it earlier this week when a Washington Post reporter Meryl Kornfield asked if he condemned “white supremacy.” He then proceeded to decimate the media games while also speaking against all racial discrimination. But he predicted exactly what she would do, which is write up what she wanted regardless of what he said. Even though he predicted it during his conversation with her, she did it anyway.

They should just learn their lesson and stop trying to play these games, but then they wouldn’t be the liberal media if they did that, would they? They keep trying to shape reality into the narrative they want, but reality doesn’t comply.

NBC News reporter Dasha Burns tried again on the subject of white supremacy with Ramaswamy, as though anyone would believe that he is a white supremacist or in favor of white supremacy, and it’s more than a little hilarious that it’s a liberal white reporter trying this on a man of Indian descent.

What they don’t like is the way he says to stop racism by not being racist, to anyone. He ripped apart how some of these definitions from people on the left of “white supremacy” include things like “punctuality,” which would itself be a racist construct.


Burns tries to talk over him, calling that “straw man” points. The sour-puss look on the face of the lady next to her in the pink was something else to at 1:17.

“So who are we supposed to look to when we’re talking about this?” she said. How about just reporting the facts, rather than a narrative?

He said you’re not supposed to ignore any white supremacy crime, as he made clear, but he pointed out how media plays political narrative games. He spoke about the delay in the release of the Nashville shooter manifesto and why that one was delayed.

In another hilarious moment, Burns said Republicans were gaining ground with black and Latino voters, and did he think that Republicans might lose those people who are “concerned about your rhetoric.” She kept trying to talk over him and made up things he didn’t say, like “racism wasn’t a problem” and he set her straight on that in short order. He said he was rejecting that left-wing effort to create more division based on race.

  • Air Force Vet says:

    It may not be the time for Ramaswamy yet, but I believe he will soon me in Congress or the senate soon and eventually a great president or vice president. We need more people to tell the truth no matter who it may offend. Just like President Trump. Wow, I just typed President and the names of Obama, Biden, and Clinton came up. I had to completely spell out Trump. Go figure.

  • Russ says:

    He has a bright future, I like how he trashes the left’s attacks. It’s Trumps time, but his will come I am sure.

  • A. Michaels says:

    Leftists make me ill.



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