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Watch: Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Georgia Waffle House, Crowd Goes Wild

Guests dining inside a Waffle House in Georgia on Saturday afternoon received quite the surprise when former President Trump walked in and announced that he was buying the entire restaurant free waffles, saying “Waffles on Trump!”

The surprise came after President Trump spoke at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center in Georgia, marking his first public appearance since receiving a criminal indictment from Biden’s Department of Justice on Thursday. President Trump appeared to be in high spirits as a crowd of supporters swarmed him at the diner, taking pictures and chanting “U-S-A!”

According to a video from the editor-in-chief of the National Pulse, Raheem Kassam, excited patrons shouted, “I Love you, Donald” as they gathered around the president, who then offered them offered them a warm and tasty breakfast, free of charge.

“How are the Waffles here? How are the waffles? Are they good?” Trump asked the crowd of stunned onlookers. “Cause I got to try one!”

An individual in the crowd shouted, “You need to get pecans on it, Mr President!”

As President Trump made his way further inside the restaurant alongside his secret service detail, another excited supporter within the crowd yelled out, “I love you, Donald,” which was a phrase met with cheers and applause from other guests mesmerized by Trump’s appearance.

The owner of Ruth Ann’s restaurant, just down the street, made her way into Waffle House and presented the former President with a special gift, which was a homemade meatloaf made using the recipe of Trump’s late mother, Mary Anne.

“Mr. Trump! We made your mother’s meatloaf for you,” the woman shouted from the crowd.

“Can you take it on the plane?” she asked, according to a video uploaded to Twitter from journalist Raheem Kassam.

As the appearance inside the Waffle House continued, another supporter approached Trump with a hand-drawn portrait of a Medal of Honor recipient and asked him to sign it. That interaction quickly went viral across Twitter, with people commenting further support for the current GOP presidential election front-runner.

Just before the surprise Waffle House visit, the 45th president spoke at the aforementioned convention center and slammed Biden’s “corrupt” Department of Justice for his most recent indictment.

  • cindy says:

    MY President, the TRUE President that got the most votes and EVERYONE knows it. Watching him interact with these folks brought a tear to my eye, he sincerely loves America and it’s people.

  • b says:

    Sure do miss him! Best President ever!

  • maga24 says:

    Greatest of all time.

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