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Watch: Trump Makes Surprise Stop at Dairy Queen in Iowa, Gives Out Free Ice Cream

After Trump’s epic speech in Iowa where crowds screamed “We love Trump,” he took everyone out for ice cream.

Making a stop at Dairy Queen, at what has become a new tradition of post speech snacks for his campaign, Trump gave out free ice cream and mingled with Iowans and staff.

“Who wants a blizzard?” Jason Miller asked on Twitter.

At the Council Bluffs Dairy Queen, Trump got a heroes welcome, with crowds cheering “we love Trump,” just like they did at the rally.

“USA! USA!” The crowds cheered as he entered the ice cream shop.

He stopped at the register to place his order, surrounded by Secret Service.

He spoke to the cashiers, and heard “we love you Trump!”

He gave out free ice cream, and didn’t forget the spoons. One young man said “I’m one of your interns.”

“Anyone want one back there?” He asked.

  • Bo long says:

    I will definitely vote for him.

  • Sherry says:

    I think some people has forgot that Trump financed his first campaign and didn’t take a salary for the first year. A true American!!!!#

  • Susan says:

    Now contrast that with the buffoon in the WH eating his ice-cream in front of the cameras while mothers all over the country were trying to find baby formula!
    Biden is the worst human being right next to Obamas and Clintons. They do not possess a soul or a conscience.

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