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Watch: Steve Bannon Issues Chilling Warning to Donald Trump, References ‘Dark Forces’

Steve Bannon warned earlier this week that former President Donald Trump’s life might be in danger as he runs for a second term.

The former White House chief strategist made the comments in a Monday interview with Jack Posobiec of Human Events.

According to Bannon, there are “dark forces” that could imperil not only Trump’s White House bid but also his personal safety.

“President Trump has to be very careful,” Bannon told Posobiec. “The security has to be much better, I think. Much better. Tighter at Mar-a-Lago — everywhere.

“Everybody should be assuming all the time that there are forces out there — dark forces out there — that have made a decision. That decision is that Donald. J. Trump, regardless of what votes say, will never return to the White House and control because they understand [that] once he gets back in, it’s game over.”


Bannon stopped short of making any predictions but said that in his estimation, Trump and those who oppose him are heading for a devastating clash.

“We have no earthly idea how this is going to turn out, except you have [an] irresistible force meeting a massive resistance, and so this is going to collide,” Bannon said.

“Remember, there’s no negotiating, right? What we demand on the return to the original American republic is non-negotiable.”

He said Trump’s opponents have taken an equally “non-negotiable” stance as they try to keep Trump out of the White House.

“One side’s going to win, and one side’s going to lose,” Bannon concluded. “For the first time, you can smell the fear.”

Bannon is not the first high-profile conservative to publicly express such fears in recent months.

In June, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said he was “growing concerned” about Trump’s safety.

“Having protected both Democrats and Republicans, … I’m telling you, this guy’s in real danger,” he said.

Tucker Carlson echoed that sentiment in August.

“We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously,” he said. “No one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion.”

In a September interview with Bongino, Megyn Kelly said, “[Trump] is so demonized to the point where I do worry for his safety.”

“Even though he’s very tough and he’s a fighter, it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being hurt and, God forbid, worse. So we need to … make sure he’s protected,” she said.

  • Jerry Fares says:


  • frank says:

    If any of these things happen, there will be no place safe for any of those that are approving this action! Thats a fact!

  • If they want a war they will lose

  • Laurie says:

    The Bible says don’t be afraid. It upsets me when any one says these things. Do not put that in crazy ppls heads. Pray for him constantly!



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