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Watch: Son of Hamas Commander Delivers Must-See Takedown of Pro-Hamas Activist

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of an infamous Hamas commander, left a pro-Hamas activist’s mouth gaping during a recent appearance on Dr. Phil. It’s a must-see exchange and one of the cleanest takedowns on national television I’ve ever witnessed. That Yousef speaks with such personal experience and authority on the issue is what truly brings it all together.

At one point, he even accuses the American activist, who is wearing a keffiyeh, of cosplaying and having no idea what she’s talking about. If anything, my headline understates just how gold this is.

YOUSEF: Now we have the problem of the pro-Palestine who are actually giving Hamas cover. They are participants in the crime. In fact, since October 7th, I personally don’t differentiate between Hamas and so-called Palestinians because, actually, there is no Palestinians. There are tribes. There is the tribe of Hamas and there is the tribe of Islamic Jihad, and there is the tribe of Khalil, and there is the tribe of Nablus, and each one has different interests and all of them are conflicted. If they did not have Israel as the common enemy, they would kill each other. This is the reality of so-called Palestine.

ACTIVIST: Do you realize that’s common colonial rhetoric?

YOUSEF: You don’t know what Palestine is. In fact, the keffiyeh that you are wearing, this is just a statement to show that you really lack the authenticity to represent the case, and what’s so-called “the cause,” this is a human problem. The cause must die. I think enough is enough, and now it is proven, you are helping Hamas to prove it to the world that Palestine depends on the destruction of the State of Israel, and this is not acceptable, and we are not going to agree to it.

YOUSEF: And I tell you something, for the next 10 or 20 years, the Palestinian people will pay the bill that Hamas has cost today, and most likely today.

It gets better from there, but I want to pause at this point because what Yousef says is so striking. He grew up in the West Bank. His father was a co-founder of Hamas. Yousef has the personal experience to speak on the realities of the situation. Compare that to the activist with an American accent whose thought process doesn’t go past whatever talking points she was handed. She has no idea about the history of the region or even about the history of those she claims to be a part of.

She might as well be an actor, which is illustrated by her asking whether “Hamas and Palestinians” are the same. It’s such a cliched attempt at a cop-out and one that is easily rebutted with facts. Yousef was ready for the question.

ACTIVIST: Do you think Hamas and Palestinians are the same, there one in the same?

YOUSEF: After October 7th, yes, there is no difference.


YOUSEF: The vast majority of the Palestinian people support Hamas.


YOUSEF: This is a fact, this is proven by statistics, and your (inaudble) now. You can’t not even condemn Hamas and say that was they did on October 7th was the act of a savage group. You don’t have that power.

ACTIVIST: Sir I condemn the question.

YOUSEF: You only speak on the authority of Hamas propaganda.

ACTIVIST: No, why do you say that? I’m speaking on the authority of Hamas propaganda? What I’m…

YOUSEF: Because if you were a decent humanity, you could say that the thousands killed on October 7th, that was a crime against humanity, it was a genocide (applause)

  • John sweet says:

    Send her in western fashionable clothing to Gaza and see how she likes the female’s role in that society! Propaganda has completely brainwashed her into believing the lies that it is Israel’s fault and not the terrorists that maim and kill innocent civilians of all ages. The Hamas government is stealing all the foreign aid being shipped in for the people, and selling it to their supporters filling their coffers with funds to purchase more weapons of destruction. But hay they have a following of self blinded individuals that support the division of their country into factions that have only one united goal destruction of the nation of Israel all while assuring they are not the cause of the deaths of civilians in their enclosure in Gaza but blame Israel for attacking the sources of conflict.

    • Donna says:

      I agree fully with what you have said…..You would think that the world would see this for what it is

  • J says:

    Ask yourself this.

    When 9-11 hit, what were the Palestinian people doing?

    I’ll tell you, because I saw the video footage on the news with my own eyes.


    If you support Palestine, you support TERRORISM and should be prosecuted for it.



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