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Watch: Seattle Robbery Suspect Stunned When Judge Refuses to Release Him

A Seattle robbery suspect was recently left stunned when a judge informed him he would not be released, video of the courtroom moment shows.

The 16-year-old is charged with three counts of robbery, three counts of burglary, and one theft count, KOMO News reported on Friday.

“I can’t get house arrest?” the teen asks the judge in the clip. “You let people out, who shoot at people get house arrest.”

“Well I’m not letting you out,” the judge responds.

“Why not?” the teen asks.

“Why not? Maybe you should ask [your attorney] why not,” the judge says.

Five adult males in their 20s and 30s were also arrested and charged along with the teen in connection with the home robberies.

Four suspects are charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and are being held on bail of more than $1 million. The last suspect is facing one count of burglary and is being held on $300,000 bail.

Police said the men were found with cash, drugs, and guns and believe the suspects could be connected with up to 14 incidents in four South Seattle neighborhoods.

The suspects allegedly stole more than $30,000 in cash, debit cards, jewelry, important documents like passports and green cards, handbags, Amazon packages, and homegrown marijuana.

The group is also suspected of targeting Asian families specifically, according to court documents.

In one incident, a burglar allegedly held a gun to a 10-year-old boy’s head and forced him to reveal where his family kept valuables.

“We’re not sure why the Asian community was targeted,” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said at a news conference on Wednesday.

“State law is very clear about what we need to be able to prove a hate crime beyond a reasonable doubt,” a spokesperson for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office told the outlet. “The difficulty is we have to show the motivation at the time of charging, but when we have the evidence to do so, we make that charging decision.”

Most of the suspects also have a criminal history, including convictions for assault, burglary, robbery, and attempting to elude.

“The suspects usually have been a group of 3-7 armed black males in their teens who have accosted victims outside of their homes and forced entry into their residence,” the Seattle Police Department said ahead of the press conference.

Violent crime remains high in Seattle this year after hitting a 15-year high in 2022.

So far this year, Seattle has experienced 42 homicides, over 1,000 robberies, more than 5,400 burglaries, nearly 2,200 aggravated assaults, more than 5,800 car thefts, and more than 14,400 larceny thefts, according to police data.

Seattle in recent weeks has moved towards cracking down on certain types of crime plaguing the city.

Last month, the Seattle City Council voted to make public drug use a crime that can result in arrest. Like many major cities, Seattle is battling a deadly fentanyl epidemic that has killed nearly 800 people so far this year in King County, where Seattle is located.

In July amid spiking retail theft, the City Council discussed how the city could crack down on the issue, citing a report showing Washington state retailers lost about $2.7 billion due to theft over the last year.

  • Glenn Lego says:

    Good good good

  • Wyatt Earp says:

    Maybe we need a new type of laws! Since the black punk kid thought he was going to get house arrested. Why not follow those democrats politicians lead. They support CHINA AND THE CARTEL. These punk ass kids need to LOSE A FINGER EVERYTIME THEY ARE ARRESTED! Cut off from receiving WELFARE, ANY GOVERNMENT FUND! First finger should be the INDEX FINGER, which is also the trigger finger!

  • Scurvydog says:

    It pisses me off to no end that criminals are so prolific in our culture, yet, it’s difficult for me to feel any empathy for Seattle in as much as it is a left wing cesspool of Antifa and Marxist culture. They are reaping what they have sewn! I have no idea whether the Asian community is “socialist” oriented, but when one considers the socialist history of Asian countries, it’s not difficult to connect the dots. I hope the criminals get the maximum jail time with no parole. But, I know that won’t happen in a left wing state.

    • Barbara Brehm says:

      It is backward to assign crimes as “racial hate crimes.” Seattle government is backward in understanding that crooks are only more bold when there are no penalties or just minor penalties. More good district attorneys, more police and more good judges are more effective than name calling to create a safer environment. No excuses: “no innocent by reasons of insanity” or “disadvantaged youth”, just criminals and whatever name and age they are. Physical descriptions are just for “Wanted” posters to identify a criminal.

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