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WATCH: Rupert Murdoch Confronted Over Tucker’s Firing in Resurfaced Video

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch found himself in a confrontation with a fan of Tucker Carlson in a video clip that resurfaced online, capturing an encounter in which he denied any involvement in the firing of Carlson from Fox News.

“Did you fire Tucker Carlson? Did you fire my favorite guy, Tucker Carlson?” the person asked. “Why’d you lie, Mr. Murdoch?”

“I didn’t do it,” Murdoch responded.


Murdoch’s denial is not surprising given the influential role he has played in shaping the media landscape for decades.

As the chairman of News Corp, which owns Fox News, Murdoch has been at the center of numerous controversies and has often been a target of criticism from those who disagree with his viewpoints.

Critics of Murdoch remain convinced that the media mogul had a direct hand in Carlson’s departure, arguing that Murdoch’s personal leanings may have influenced the network’s decision-making process.


  • EZ says:

    send this whole F’in family back to there penitentiary island….aussie fux

  • Slim says:

    These scum bags haven’t got the guts to say anything in the daylight. They are a bunch of vampires operating behind secured doors in the dark. If they were convinced that they were acting in good faith they would broadcast everything they do. They don’t and resort to lies just like this un-American immigrant..

  • Terry says:

    Murdoch’s a slug. Fox is suffering because of his and his son’s’ elitism. The complete truth is getting harder to find these days.

  • Boycotter says:

    I hope there is a hell so Murdoch can go there soon. Fuck Fox News

    We support:
    Real America’s Voice for real news and Yuengling for real American beer !
    Target, Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Miller, Molson, Smirnoff, Ford, Fox, Nike, Google, Coke, Kraft-Heinz, Maybelline, Disney, ALL>Anheuser Busch products, Directv, & ALL mainstream media.
    Not one more cent or one more minute from our household will be spent on these anti-American freaks ! EVER !!

  • John says:

    He lied because he’s another Democrat communist, luciferian pedophile predator protector, of this NEW WORLD ORDER, SATAN WORSHIPING, ELETIST U.N. & E.U. EURO TRASH N.W.O GOVERNMENT OF SATANIC NAZIS & PEDOPHILES protected by a fraudulently elected democrat 3 lettered corrupted agencies & coup d’etat Antichrist Party of Epstein Island vacationing & America hating, anti-constitutional, corrupted communist law enforcement and woke treasonous & tyrannical judges.

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