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Watch: Project Veritas Exposes CBS for Using Their Own Reporting to ‘Fact Check’ News

In the latest undercover exposé from Project Veritas, a CBS News broadcast associate revealed that the network “fact checks” themselves by using their own reporting.

Mike Mulford, documentary broadcast associate at CBS News, told the Project Veritas journalist that he cites previous reporting from CBS News to issue “fact checks.”

“You can cite your own fact check?” a Project Veritas journalist asked Mulford.

“Yeah,” Mulford responded. “It’s like a cheap way of doing it like it goes right out the window. So I’ll just Google whatever and then ‘CBS’ on the end, and if there’s a ‘CBS’ article about it then I’m like, ‘Great, verified!'” Mulford explained to the journalist.

Mulford was confronted by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who said that it’s common practice from the Society of Professional Journalists which state that there must be multiple sources for verification.

“The discipline of verification is what separates journalism from all other forms of communication such as propaganda, advertising, fiction, or entertainment,” O’Keefe said, as he sat down at an outside dining table with Mulford.

When confronted about the undercover footage, Mulford said, “Correct, we fact check our sources, yes. And our information, yes.”

In addition to admitting the unethical practices that the network uses to “fact check” material, Mulford also disclosed the political bias of the news room and said the network “leans one way.”

“Money reigns supreme at the end of the day. Money over morals kind of is how it is,” Mulford told the undercover journalist.

“One of the reason I want to leave news is because it’s not really as impartial as it had been,” Mulford said. “Like picking a side or leaning one way.”

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Only watch local CBS for weather, local news

  • Ron says:

    What a total disgrace!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    This is NO surprise to ANYONE who has an IQ of 38.

  • Steve Chavez says:

    THINK OF THE “NANNY CAM” with parents worried about what their nanny/babysitter is doing with their child while they are at work and why that child is screaming when you leave them with that nanny…. SO THE PARENTS SET UP A NANNY CAM, CATCH THE PERSON ABUSING THEIR CHILD, REPORT IT, NANNY ARRESTED USING THE VIDEO! VERITAS does the same and catches many people, Planned Parenthood, politicians, WITH ILLEGAL ACTS, SAME AS THE NANNY, BUT THEN IT’S THE PARENTS/VERITAS WHO GETS ARRESTED AND THE NANNY GETS AWAY WITH BEATING AND THROWING YOUR CHILD AGAINST THE WALL!



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