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Watch: New Biden Ad to Blanket Swing States During NFL Kickoff

Many NFL fans who sit down for Thursday’s season opener between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions will be forced to watch a re-election campaign ad in which President Joe Biden is celebrated for all of his accomplishments on the economy, according to Axios.

The 30-second spot portrays “Bidenomics” as having positively affected the lives of the American people.

The campaign ad, which has been on YouTube for a week and had only been seen 700 times as of Tuesday morning, portrays the 80-year-old president as a man who is not a doddering, sleepy failure but actually a sharp advocate for people who are being crushed by his economic policies.

The ad claims Biden has fixed supply chains and is “fighting corporate greed.”

It also laughably asserts that he has made America “more energy independent.”

“Today, inflation is down to 3 percent,” the ad says, while the Biden re-election campaign brags the unemployment rate is at the “lowest in decades.”

“There is more to do, but President Biden is getting results that matter,” the video’s narrator concludes.

According to the report Tuesday, the ad will air during Thursday night’s game in select 2024 battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin.

The Chiefs-Lions game at Arrowhead Stadium will be broadcast on NBC and streamed on Peacock.

“The campaign is taking advantage of a unique window of opportunity to reach certain groups of general election voters that the Republican primary campaigns are mostly ignoring,” wrote Axios’ Sara Fischer, who spoke to sources close to the campaign about its plans to reach football fans.

Given that football and other sports are viewed as an escape by many Americans, my guess is this ad will be mocked in living rooms across the country.

Biden’s campaign will essentially ask people who recently filled up their gas tanks for a small fortune and spent more on snacks and beer for the game than they should have to believe that all is well.

The most laughable part of the ad is the claim that inflation is “down to three percent.”

That simply means that prices are still going up but at 3 percent year-over-year this past month as opposed to almost 9 percent last year.

That is not a win for the White House, which is sending people into poverty and has robbed a generation of young Americans of the opportunity to own a home.

The dishonesty of the ad is truly astounding.

No serious person believes that Biden has worked a solitary second to make the country energy-independent or that job gains during his term can be attributed to anything other than jobs that came back after COVID or are from people who have taken on more than one job to survive.

If Bidenomics were truly sustainable and working, the results would speak for themselves. However, the president’s policies are not working — unless their intent is to make life oppressive for the middle class.

His campaign is hoping sports fans might just be stupid enough to believe that paying more for less has improved their lives.

To borrow a term frequently used by the failure-in-chief, the ad is pure “malarkey.”

  • Rick says:

    There’s a lot of stupid people out there. combined with the coming mail in ballots. Do you really think their going to give up control? The fix is already in. Do you really think that after what we’ve witnessed with the FBI DOJ And the media working hand and hand with the DNC, you really think they’ll lose? This is just the beginning of totalitarian rule in America. You gave up your freedoms and constitution protections when you voted Democrat.

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