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Watch: McCarthy Grills Reporter in Tense Exchange About Biden Impeachment

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy brutally savaged a reporter who questioned if there was any evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

There are almost no words to describe how comical this is, as if there was any evidence to support the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

There was no evidence of Russian collusion, which turned out to be a hoax, the real big lie, and nothing to support the equally shoddy quid pro quo allegation regarding Ukraine aid and investigations into the Biden family.

The best part of this exchange is that he gets this reporter to admit that there’s evidence of wrongdoing, at least enough to warrant an inquiry.

Six banks filed 170-plus suspicious activity reports concerning the financial activities of this family. They’ve established a network of shell companies, instructing clients on funneling the proceeds to avoid legal issues. Joe never knew his son was banking $20 million from Central Asian oligarchs and other unscrupulous individuals.

Obviously, he did, which was evident when the media had to move the goalposts on that narrative. There is nothing illusory about access here when millions are being paid. While not incriminating, the latest tranche of emails supports why Hunter could ask for such exorbitant fees: Hunter knew top Obama officials.

That access is why Burisma paid him $50,000/month to sit on their board. He provided legal protection, evidenced by then-VP Joe Biden ordering Viktor Shokin, a Ukrainian prosecutor, to be fired unless the country wanted its aid package in 2014. Shokin was investigating Burisma on corruption charges. The FBI’s FD-1023 report alleges in 2014-15, Burisma paid Joe and Hunter Biden $5 million each in bribes.

Is the FBI lying? They have before, but there is a reason why they tried to keep this file hidden. Biden’s FBI director, Christopher Wray, held onto it until he faced contempt of Congress threats. This dropped not long before IRS whistleblowers Joseph Zeigler and Gary Shapley delivered credible and incriminating testimony concerning pervasive DOJ interference in their investigations into the president’s son, disputing claims made by Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the independence of these probes.

No evidence? With the major investigations into Trump and the legal fallout pretty much over, we now have months and months to focus on Joe Biden. With congressional Republicans starting impeachment inquiries, all attention circles back to the evidence. It’s there, liberal America. Sorry, not sorry.

It’s not the first time a reporter got smoked for not seeing the forest for the trees in this story.


  • MK says:

    This is exactly why the main stream media is known as Fake News! They only report political narratives of the left and leave out and ignore the facts and truths when the facts and truths don’t support their narratives.

  • Proud Veteran says:

    “I can’t answer that”….which means yes, but that would go against the democrat plot to steal the next election!

  • Dawn Remington says:

    Very hard to believe that these reporters are so stupid & therefore useless. Have they been living under a rock for the past year? Why would any of these nitwits ask if there is enough evidence to impeach Biden??? TOTAL IDIOTS.

    • T says:

      EXACTLY!!! Look at here…she seems very nervous!! I believe most are either paid off or threatened…Soros family is deeply invested.

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