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Watch: McCarthy Destroys CNN Reporter When Asked About Classified Doc Scandal

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy may be facing a revolt from Freedom Caucus House Republicans over his Dem-friendly debt deal, but he also may have just earned a few points back obliterating a CNN reporter who asked about former President Donald Trump’s document scandal.

“The idea of equal justice is not playing out here,” McCarthy said, calling it a “real concern to all Americans.”

“You’re with CNN, right?” McCarthy asks the reporter, who acknowledges that she is.

“So let’s talk about this even further because when somebody weaponizes government and they actually get removed from government – let’s take Andrew McCabe –”

As soon as McCarthy mentions McCabe, the reporter gets extremely defensive – cutting him off and exclaiming “but this is a different case! This is a different set of circumstances, right? I mean the former president is accused of misleading law enforcement, of a conspiracy of obstructing justice… that’s a different set of facts. Are you prepared to defend him as the former president..” she regurgitated.

To which McCarthy shot back – “Are you prepared to defend your network, CNN … [reporter tries to interject] … you can’t put words in my mouth, even though your network can hire Andrew McCabe, who was fired from the FBI for leaking classified documents. Did you remove him from your network? No, you continue to put him on to give judgement against President Trump,” he said.

“You also hired Clapper…” he continued – only to be cut off once again.

McCarthy simply ignores the next question and continues his sentence.

“So your network hires Clapper, who literally lied to the American public, one of 51 other individuals that had briefings and used it politically to tell the American public that a laptop was Russia collusion, even though it had all this information about the Biden administration. Are you prepared to get rid of those people from your network? Because my concern as a policymaker is that when you weaponize government, and now you’re weaponizing networks, that is wrong.”

“So we will take all of our power to make sure that the legal system in America puts the blinders back on and people are treated fairly. And I have a real problem that your network actually pays people who did classified information and then lied to the American public to try to influence a presidential election – and then you put them on your network to give an opinion about a president… …what your network has done has weaponized at the same time.”


Meanwhile in other deep state debacles – Rep. Nancy Mace put Keith Olbermann in his place after he claimed that Hillary Clinton’s team never destroyed government devices with a hammer.

Still waiting on Kinzinger’s community note for doing the same thing.

  • Geo says:

    That Adam Kinzinger such a lying POS. Unbelievable

  • John says:

    Looks like another life ignorant white trolling communist indoctrinated, tootsie roll sucking twit put the Shame by her own ignorant communist College indoctrinated lack of real life experience of her clueless Mindless unexperienced, parent coddled pampered cry baby beliefs of “it’s not Fair” life of inexperience, time to give this entitled spoiled, coddled, little baby white trash her next job assignment in a war zone and wake her ass up to what her fake news democrat communist backed demonic party really stands for, instead of what this mentally ill succubus demon is ignorantly trying to push with her luciferian agenda questioning

  • vickie says:

    BINGO BABY….YOU TELL HER….the left uses the gov like a weapon …they do the same things and then turns it into a crime for anyone else….sick and twisted….i never thought i would see these kinds of things in my lifetime…but i think there were times like this…in the past..

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