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Watch: Kari Lake Confronts Arizona Rep. Challenging Her for Senate

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Democratic Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, who is running for U.S. Senate, got into a heated argument about the border crisis at the Phoenix airport on Thursday, a video exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller shows.

In the video, Lake and Gallego can be seen at the airport, near the baggage claim area, having a conversation about the border crisis, which has greatly affected Arizona and the rest of the U.S. Lake, who officially filed to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona on Tuesday, slammed Gallego over Democrats’ support of massive influxes of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border daily.

Ruben, a far-left Democrat who supports late-term abortion and voted against former President Donald Trump’s border wall, approaches Lake in the video and says he knows her from her TV career as a journalist. Lake brings up the border crisis and the two get into a debate.

“You’re gonna have a great race,” Ruben says to Lake in the airport.

“It’s going to be a knockdown drag out, and unfortunately our border is wide open … and even the Democrats are upset about it,” Lake said.

“I think there’s a lot we can still do and we’ve been doing some good work. I think there’s some common ground I could find out. Look, we need to figure out how to get people here legally, so they don’t go through the illegal manner,” Gallego said.

“We have plenty of people here right now. We have millions of people here. Fentanyl has killed more young people … this is Ruben Gallego — our border is wide open — he’s trying to run for Senate, our borders are wide open, fentanyl is killing our young people,” Lake responded.

Gallego then said that the drugs are coming through the U.S. ports of entry. The two then had a debate about the homeless population in Arizona.


“This guy wants to destroy our country,” Lake said.

“I appreciate your service to our country. But I sure wish that you care more about our border. We’re a border state,” Lake continued.

“I do care about the border, as a matter of fact, I would go down to the border with you,” Gallego responded. “Let’s talk to the mayors. Let’s get it together,” he responded.

“Ruben, we have to finish the wall … You do realize that President Trump was on the verge of finishing the border while he was doing it without support,” Lake said. “May I finish?”

“Do you just like to interrupt?” Lake asked.

“Mexico was supposed to pay for it and he never did,” Gallego followed up.

“Joe Biden, your hero gave away $300 million in border wall materials for nothing … I’m going to beat you, we’re gonna save Arizona and we’re gonna get all of the policies that have been destructive to this state out and we’re going to bring in America first policies,” Lake added.

“Little keyboard warrior Ruben Gallego challenged Kari Lake to come talk to him on a plane when he spotted her. So she did just that. And now he cries to the New York Times. Kari taught her children never back down from a bully and she won’t back down to Ruben Gallego or anyone else who’s trying to destroy Arizona and America,” a spokesperson for Lake told the Caller.

  • Mad says:

    This is how we have to be. Follow her lead. We have to be ruthless just like they are. Bring the fight to them at every turn.

  • Guido Sarducci says:


  • Me says:

    Kari Lake’s ZERO-RESULT strategy against VOTE-BY-MAIL-INSTITUTIONALIZED-ELECTION-FRAUD will be the future of DonnieDOTARD’s 2024 presidential run.

  • We Love Kari Lake says:

    Did you see stupid ass Ruben Gallego turn pale when Kari’s huge bodyguard came out. I thought Ruben was going to shit his pants. Go, Kari, go!

  • GreatGrandPa says:

    Kari Lake get em ALL! All IS being REVEALED! The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, and P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB! President Trump’s still my President. I’m not a BOT nor a Spammer. I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. Yahweh save our poor souls Amen.

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