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Watch: IDF Dog Nails Hamas Terrorists in Tunnel with Satisfying Ending

There are a lot of challenges as Israel tries to take out Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas uses the people of Gaza as human shields, and they hide their leaders and weapons in places like hospitals. Why? Because they’re hoping if Israel hits them, they at least will get to use the propaganda value of civilians being killed. That’s what they think of their people — as simple cannon fodder to be used at will. They don’t care if they are injured or killed. All must serve the cause of attacking Israel, that’s their main aim, as they’ve made clear.

That’s why the left’s calls for a ceasefire are so insane. You can’t have a ceasefire with people who are still holding hostages and who still say they want to wipe out Israel and the Jews.

One of the things that a challenge is that Hamas has a whole network of tunnels that they hide out in. Instead of helping the people of Gaza or building bomb shelters for the civilians, the Hamas government has taken the money they’ve gotten and helped to sustain those tunnels to attack Israel.

It’s then a challenge for the IDF to hunt down the terrorists in the tunnels and deal with them. They’ve taken some of the hostages into the tunnels as well.

This IDF video gives you a view of what the tunnels look like.

Israel is looking at ways to root Hamas out of the tunnels, but it’s not a simple process.

They do have a foam bomb to deal with terrorists hiding in the tunnels, but it’s still risky as they need to set off these devices in the dark, and the chemicals have blinded IDF soldiers in multiple accidents. The tunnels are also booby-trapped. Thousands of terrorists can hide down there, thanks to Hamas hoarding fuel that keeps the generators flushing these underground structures with oxygen.

Then there’s also the old-fashioned way of bombing the heck out of the tunnels when you find them.

But the IDF also has another effective method of hunting down terrorists in the tunnels: the IDF “Good Boy” patrol.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson Ofir Gendelman posted a video on Saturday that our sister site Townhall found showing how the dogs are used. It shows a very good boy allegedly nailing his prey. Extra feel-good bonus points for making the terrorists scream.

The Arabic says, “Dogs go after Hamas dogs until victory is achieved.”

Some raised a question about the video, but the Mossad commentary account had a great response.

Some noted dogs hunting down terrorists is a nice payback for how the terrorists shot dogs during their invasion of Israel.


  • Delila says:

    Good glad to see this! Let’s go get these evil people!

  • FLA-GAL says:

    GOOD BOY!!! I want to buy you a nice brisket… it tastes better than a skanky shit-stain muzzie.

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