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Watch: HS Wrestler Takes Matters Into His Own Hands When He Sees Thug Assaulting Female Subway Employee

Viral video footage has emerged showing the moment a former high school wrestler and current welder named Gabriel Pitzulo took matters into his own hands when he saw a vicious thug assaulting an innocent female Subway employee.

As Fox News reported on Friday, the incident occurred at a local Subway shop on March 22 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The video footage opens by showing the suspect throwing items at the employee just as Pitzulo walks into the sandwich shop. The former wrestler springs into action when the suspect starts storming out of the Subway.

He grabs the lowlife thug and takes him down with a hard tackle. He then pins the suspect to the ground, and they grapple for several seconds before the perp is finally subdued.

A witness in the background can be seen making a call, presumably to the police, before the video cuts out.


Police later showed up and took the suspect into custody.

On Thursday, Pitzulo was invited as a Fox and Friends First guest to discuss what transpired. He first revealed more details about how nasty the suspect behaved.

“It was just another normal day at work, I was going to my local Subway where I go all the time,” Pitzulo told the hosts. “As I walked in, it was pretty hectic. People yelling, it was kind of loud.”

Pitzulo revealed the suspect also spit on the employee in addition to throwing objects at her. He told them that was the moment he decided to slam the suspect to the ground and hold him while witnesses locked the door and contacted the cops.

The former wrestler added there were “some words back and forth” between him and the suspect for a few minutes until law enforcement arrived. When the police got to the Subway, they let Pitzulo help them handcuff the perp.

“The cops got there. I helped him put the cuffs on, and they thanked me and told me what I did was very brave,” Pitzulo said.

Pitzulo closed with a message for young men in his situation: ignore the garbage talk regarding “toxic masculinity” and stand up for folks who cannot help themselves. In other words, men need to start being men again.

“I haven’t really been turning down interviews because I do want to get this out there for the young men. There’s a lot of talk nowadays of toxic masculinity, and I’m really trying to, you know, push this narrative that you should stand up for the people, innocent people, people in your local neighborhood. And, you know, that’s kind of what I take from it,” he said.

WRTV reports the suspect, Daniel Saunders, was charged with battery injury, battery resulting in bodily injury and disorderly conduct-fighting/tumultuous conduct.

  • Monika Bove says:

    BRAVO! I only hope, this hero won’t be charged with some nonsense!

  • kcsparky says:

    Scratch one Klingon!

  • MARK SMITH says:

    Good Job, we need more of young men like this,

  • Chris Cross says:

    Thank God this was in Indiana, because if it was in New York or any other Blue State they would have arrested the defender of the law and released the perp. It’s good to see that in the Red States the law still prevails.

  • Ruger1 says:

    Great Job Mr. Pitzulo!!!!
    Toxic Masculinity = Protecting Demoncratic Pussies for Centuries!!!!
    #FJB and His Supporter’s!!!!
    Trump2024, Time To Take Out the Trash!!!!



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