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Watch: How Jan. 6 Security Footage Was Altered by Democrats to Add Provocative Sound

Just The News reporter John Solomon on Friday released unedited January 6 footage that proves the January 6 Select Committee presented footage with doctored audio.

In a video presented during a Congressional hearing, rioters can be seen breaking windows and entering the Capitol building during the January 6 election protests in 2021. In the committee’s footage, people can be heard shouting “go, go, go” overlayed over sounds of windows breaking and loud bangs.

The footage also contained the voice of a Capitol Police officer yelling, “We have a breach in the Capitol!”

Solomon — who was one of three journalists granted access to the footage by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last week — shared the unedited footage for the first time on Friday. It turns out the uncut footage was completely silent with none of the sounds added in by the committee’s production team.

“That footage was thrown in there to create a dramatic, movie-like effect. It’s no longer evidence now,” Solomon said.

“It’s now been turned into, a little bit of propaganda. It’s one thing if they told the public that they did it, but they don’t.”

The committee also doctored the audio on an overhead shot detailing the initial breach of Capitol Police lines in front of the building. Like the CCTV footage from inside the building, the footage was altered to include sounds of a loud, angry mob.

The latest footage release details some of the work done by former ABC News producer James Goldston, who was hired by the committee to spice up the footage for primetime hearings. Goldston was tapped as a “secret adviser” to help convert documents, audio recordings, and video surrounding the day’s events into compelling television.

The hearings were billed as a “blockbuster investigative special,” Axios reported.

Earlier this week, Solomon released footage that showed then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) nonchalantly evacuating the building as her daughter, a documentary filmmaker, recorded for dramatic effect. Additional footage is expected to be released by Solomon and other reporters, including Julie Kelly of American Greatness.

  • DavidM says:

    Why is it that when I press the approved… thumbs-up vote…the count decreases?

  • sam says:

    it was all a set up to get Trump!!!! screw our government!!!!

  • Paul49 says:

    Jan6 was a set up by the dem/socialist,from the beginning. The truth is coming oit

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