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Watch: Fox Reporter Nails Jean-Pierre on Biden Admin’s Complete Lack of Morals

FOX News reporter Jacqui Heinrich exposed the Biden Administration’s complete absence of moral clarity at the latest White House press briefing.

Jacqui Heinrich asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to explain why they were not condemning the anti-American chants by Dearborn Islamists but instead were calling Republicans “murderers” for opposing the failures and climbing costs of Obamacare.

Curtis Houck, the Managing Editor of Newsbusters, posted the transcript of this questioning in a thread on Twitter-X.

Here is the transcript of the exchange:

Jacqui Heinrich: “A couple days ago in Deaborn, there were protesters chanting, ‘Death to America!’ and, ‘Death to Israel!’ Does the President condemn that?”

Karine Jean Pierre (KJP): “Yes.”

Heinrich: “Is the President at all concerned that Dearborn is becoming – is facing a risk of becoming a hotbed of any sort of homegrown threats?”

KJP: “I don’t have any intelligence to share with you on that. Obviously, that’s something that we’re always very vigilant about, but don’t have any national intelligence to share with you.”

Heinrich: “And then…”

KJP: “But, obviously, we will condemn any – any of violent rhetoric…”

Heinrich: “…Would we be seeing a statement?”

KJP: “…Which …which we have been very, I mean, you’re hearing from me, right? You’re asking me a question. I’m answering it and we’ve been very vigilant about… or very consistent about denouncing that type of that type of rhetoric.”

Heinrich: “Should we see a – should we expect a statement from the President on that? It was a pretty significant display.”

KJP: “I mean, you’re hearing from me. I think that’s important. The other part, too, that I do want to be very clear about – you know, peaceful protest is something that the President has also been very, very clear that is important for – to give folks space to peacefully protest, but any type of violent rhetoric, we are going to denounce.”

After setting up KDP, Jacqui Heinrich then goes for the kill shot.

Heinrich: “And then, on some of the comments he made today, did – did the President mean to, essentially accuse Republicans of – of murder? I mean, the – the language that he was using to describe opposition to the Affordable Care Act – the quote was, um, ‘They want to terminate the Affordable Care Act. Terminate will – guess what – kill millions of Americans.’ Does he think that Republicans are trying to kill Americans?”

KJP: “I think you’re – I think you’re taking the most extreme – extreme definition or extreme evaluation of what the President said. Here’s the reality. The Affordable Care Act, which obviously started in the Obama-Biden administration, the President expanded on that, making sure that people have affordable health care that saves lives. It does. It is important.”

Heinrich: “[Inaudible] use other language, though? It – it’s a stronger than usual…”

KJP: “But you’re taking what he said to the most extreme part of – of your definition or your realization.”

Heinrich: “Well, he said it.”

KJP: “I know, but let’s be – let’s be really clear.”

Heinrich: “…He – he said –”

KJP: “Let’s…”

Heinrich: “…harm and…”

KJP: “…Let’s be really clear. People having health care is important. It saves lives. It is important to have that.”

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    Lol at republicans being murderers for wanting to axe obamacare, but they fail to admit there was no opioid crisis before obamacare because millions of druggies did not have access to doctors they could get opioids from. Obamacare is the single most responsible cause of the opioid crisis, prior it was just heroin junkies which is a seperate class of opioid.

  • JB says:

    She is right about one thing she said. She doesn’t have intelligence. She finally admitted this.

  • Ruger1 says:

    Well that Has to be the First Time, that the Black Raggedy Ann has Told the Truth… She Has No Intelligence!!!! Seems Fitting, So Does the Bumbling Stumbling Incoherent Cadaver Pretending to be the pResident!!!!

    #FJB & #FKJP

  • Michelle says:

    Good questions! Definitely we are seeing a lack of morals and lots of evil in our polititians and it is a slippery slope, because now more people are influenced by this and acting out! I am Republican and proud of it right now. I have democratic tendencies, but democrats are getting so EVIL right now that I will not even claim that anymore. These people saying death to America should be the real concern, unless you are not smart enough to see it.



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