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WATCH: Dylan Mulvaney Runs After Getting Confronted By James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe of OMG media confronted trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney in LA about trans inmates being housed in women’s prisons.

“I’m James O’Keefe, with OMG News, outside the Four Seasons hotel in Beverley Hills,” O’Keefe said, “where Dyalan Mulvaney is inside the women’s restroom right now. So Im going to ask him for comment about our story regarding women being raped in prison by men claiming to be transgender.”

Mulvaney exited the women’s restroom and headed across the lobby of the Four Season, whereupong O’Keefe approached the transgender social media personality, who wore a Burberry ensemble.

“Dylan, this is James O’Keefe, OMG,” he said, addressing Mulvaney, “women are being raped in a prison in Washington state by men claiming to be transgender.

“There’s footage of them talking about the rape. Do you have a comment on the story here, of the women being raped by the men claiming to be transgender?”

Mulvaney avoided O’Keefe, walking into an elevator.

“Please don’t come in the elevator with me,” Mulvaney begged.

“So we’re here with Dylan,” O’Keefe said, “haven’t had much Bud Light recently but we’re very interested in the women’s prison. Dylan?”

The elevator doors closed.

Mulvaney has been the center of controversy being made a brand influencer and ambassador for Bud Light, women’s Nike apparel, Tampax, MAC Makeup, UIta, Kate Spade, and so many more.

It was a little over a year ago that Mulvaney launched the 365 Days of Girlhood project, documenting Mulvaney’s transition from grown male to “girl.”

California has a policy of legally admitting trans-identified males to women’s prisons based on their own self-ID.

Rapes and pregnancies have resulted from this accommodation in Washington state, New Jersey, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Canada, to name a few.

Tomiekia Johnson, who is serving time at the Central California Women’s Correctional Facility, told The Post Millennial that when males are brought into the women’s estate, entire 8-woman cells are cleared to accommodate the males.

Johnson explained that many women are in prison after having experienced violence at male hands, and are fearful of those males who have not undergone transition but claim to be women in order to access the more lenient prison conditions.

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    Mulvaney: Please don’t get in the elevator!
    O’Keefe: So we’re here with Dylan Mulvaney…..

    Love O’Keefe!

  • Delila says:

    Way to go O’Keefe!!!!! This Mulvaney is a coward!!!! He won’t talk to you!!!! lol too darn funny!! If I were an inmate I would sue the prison for allowing rape and children to be born in those conditions!!! These states are being run by evil people and this must stop now!!!! O Lord hear our cry and help these women and get these so-called fake trans people out of woman’s spaces!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJ says:

    Dylan, if you can’t take the heat, maybe you should stay out of the kitchen!!!!

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