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Watch: Crowd Burst Into Laughter as Biden Has Repeated Microphone Mishaps

A crowd seated in the White House East Room erupted into laughter Friday over President Joe Biden’s repeated microphone issues.

The president was delivering a speech on lowering health care costs for Americans and his administration’s strategy for eliminating junk fees in medical bills.

“It’s a big deal, and I have to thank my staff, and I mean that sincerely, for focusing on the health care piece. I didn’t know some of this. I thought I knew a hell of a lot about healthcare,” Biden joked, making the crowd laugh.

He then leaned over the podium the mic malfunctioned.

“Sorry,” Biden said, causing the crowd to laugh harder.

Minutes later, Biden coughed into the mic, causing it to malfunction again. The crowd laughed over his seemingly confused response.

“Alright,” the president began again after moving around the hand-held mic, making the audience giggle.

There were more tech issues later in the speech, but Biden carried on.

On Thursday, the president made a crowd in South Carolina burst into laughter after he mentioned Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. He claimed his “Bidenomics” policies are responsible for spurring a manufacturing facility in Greene’s district.

“One of the biggest is in Dalton, Georgia. You may find it hard to believe, but that’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district. I’ll be there for the groundbreaking,” Biden said, laughing with the audience.

  • Randie says:

    He hasn’t done a thing for the USA. He is Working for President XI of the CCP.
    He has Lowered the Standard of Living and our Quality of Life on the March towards Gov’t Control over all of us. He is the Scammer.

  • k says:

    Reminds me off a game show where there are “HIDDEN” messages that tell the audience to either laugh / applaud their guest~ either way it’s a “SHIT SHOW” that proves he is an idiot & has been for the past 50 + yrs.

    America needs a “REAL” leader that can run America like an “WELL OILED MACHINE” that produces “POSITIVE” results…

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