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Watch: Biden Lies to Survivors, Makes It All About Himself in Hawaii

Last week, when President Biden announced his trip to Maui, The Post asked: How much do you want to bet he will act inappropriately to family members and try to make it all about himself?

If there was anyone dumb enough to take that bet, it’s time to pay up.

Even by Joe’s low standards, this trip was a debacle. Our tone-deaf commander-in-chief takes off from the Lake Tahoe home of a Democratic donor, does a fly-by of the island, then turns around to go back on vacation. Mission accomplished!

While on the ground, Biden points at some burned-out buildings, stiffly shakes hands with some first responders, and puts on a facial expression that’s meant to convey “serious” when it more resembles rigor mortis.

The Biden team set up a presidential lectern in the middle of the rubble, which is bad enough, but they also brought along a tiny little table to set his water on. Gotta make sure Joe Antoinette Biden doesn’t get thirsty. Guess we should be grateful they didn’t bring a teleprompter, which is why he stared at his speech the entire time.

Then Biden decided the best way to show Hawaii that he cares is to lie. Again. He recounted the harrowing moment firefighters had to “run into the flames” of his home to save his wife, Jill.

This. Never. Happened. For years, Biden has turned a minor kitchen blaze into the Great Chicago Fire, even after the Delaware department he praises says it was “insignificant.”

The press tries to gaslight us by saying that Biden recounting this fire, or insisting his son Beau died in Iraq when he really died of cancer, resonates with victims. “Biden … has long been seen as uniquely adept at leading with empathy amid tragedies like this one,” the Washington Post claimed this week.

But this isn’t empathy. This is ego. And it’s insulting.

A myth has been constructed around Joe Biden: He’s the great negotiator. He’s the empathizer-in-chief. He’s Mr. Even-Keeled. None of these things are true. They probably never were true. We can see it with our own eyes.

  • rcp5 says:

    I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how this moron can do what he does without the total support of the rest of those commie politicians known as democrats. If they don’t want to stop him, means they are all in it together. Please don’t tell me there are no democrats with any brain matter, that can’t see what he is doing in destroying the country.

  • k says:

    Biden Appears To Briefly Fall Asleep During A Meeting With Maui Survivors

    President Joe Biden appeared to struggle with jet lag during his visit to Maui after devastating wildfires ravaged the Hawaiian Islands.

    Biden was listening to a speaker at a dinner after meeting with survivors of the wildfires when he appeared to shut his eyes. It is unclear whether the president was bowing his head to pray or listen or if he began to fall asleep.

    Biden has appeared to fall asleep during visits in the past. Shortly after he took office, the president attended the COP26 climate conference, where he appeared to nod off during the opening speeches.

    The president promised further aid to help rebuild Maui on Monday following a visit with first lady Jill Biden, Gov. Josh Green (D-HI), his wife, and other Hawaiian lawmakers. Biden gave a speech to first responders, expressing sympathy and promising assistance.

    “The country grieves with you, stands with you, and will do everything possible to help you recover,” Biden said.

    Biden said he and Jill Biden have a “little sense” when it comes to losing a home, explaining a fire that occurred in 2004 at a home next to his in Delaware, but he didn’t want to “compare difficulties.”

    “To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my ‘67 Corvette, and my cat,” Biden said. “But all kidding aside, I watched the firefighters, the way they responded.”



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