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Watch: Biden Abruptly Walks Out of Medal of Honor Ceremony

Joe Biden on Tuesday abruptly walked out of a Medal of Honor ceremony in the East Room.

Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to helicopter pilot Captain Larry L. Taylor, United States Army, for conspicuous gallantry.

Larry L. Taylor received the highest honor for scooping up four of his fellow soldiers during a fierce firefight in Vietnam on June 18, 1968.

“Taylor was a first lieutenant on June 18, 1968, when he deployed in support of a patrol that had been surrounded by an enemy force. Braving intense fire in pitch black conditions, Taylor and his wingman made low-level attack runs. As they neared the end of their ammunition, Taylor learned that a plan to rescue the patrol had been canceled. So, Taylor decided to extract the team using his two-man Cobra helicopter — something the White House says had never been attempted, let alone accomplished.” CBS News reported.

“Once his team reached the extraction site, Taylor landed his Cobra under heavy fire, “with complete disregard for his personal safety,” as the White House put it. The soldiers climbed aboard and Taylor took them to a safe location. That day, Taylor rewrote the stories of the four men he saved for generations, the president said.” the outlet said.

Joe Biden entered the East Room wearing a Covid mask – then took it off during the opening prayer.

Out of nowhere, Joe Biden abruptly walked out of the Medal of Honor ceremony, even before the closing benediction.

Medal of Honor recipient Larry Taylor wiped a tear from his face and looked around confused as Joe Biden shuffled away.

Biden had a smile on his face as he snubbed Larry Taylor and walked away.

It is important to note that Joe Biden received FIVE draft deferments and did not serve in the Vietnam War.


  • B says:

    For 5 years all I ever heard about was Trumps medical exclusion from serving. They even dug into his military records to produce copies.
    But there has been ZIP about OBiden having 5 military deferments.
    I no longer can live amongst the left. They are pure evil.



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