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Viewers Noticed Something Off About Kamala Harris’ Interview in Louisiana

Vice President Kamala Harris was interviewed by Keke Palmer in New Orleans, Louisana over the weekend as part of Essence Festival, but the bright lights and official backdrop behind the two women couldn’t distract from one problem: Louisiana was misspelled on the official signage.

Yep, whether it was Essence Fest or the West Wing that had final approval over the backdrop, the typo went unnoticed by everyone…until it was too late.

There, as Harris and Palmer talked about the state of the country (more on that later), was LOUSIANA in giant letters over the vice president like the midterms loom over her party.

Here’s the thing — any time a president or vice president speaks at an event, there’s an insane amount of control over what is on stage with the principal, including which flags, how many, what size they are, where the podium, backdrop, chairs, water, prompter, and every other thing on stage might be. Anyone who’s staffed an event like this knows to check, then check again, and check one more time for good measure. Those checks are usually done both by the West Wing staff and the hosting organization. But Harris’ advance team either didn’t notice the typo or didn’t have time to fix it. It’s yet another moment that seems straight out of HBO’s ‘VEEP’ but is actually just the everyday reality for one of the most bumbling administrations in recent memory.

When it came to her answers and remarks, Harris didn’t do much to convince the audience or Americans that she and President Biden have a handle on things either. Not once was inflation mentioned by Harris, and when gas prices did come up in conversation, Palmer referenced a meme about trying to “make gas at home” to which Harris said “don’t do that” followed by her typically ill-timed laugh. To Biden and Harris, apparently gutting American energy independence and sending gas prices soaring to all-time highs as part of their “transition” to alternative energy is a laughing matter.

Harris also said she was “outraged” by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs, and repeated the claim that the Supreme Court “for the first time in the history of our nation, took a constitutional right that had been recognized and took it from the women of America.” The vice president then claimed that Roe was a guaranteed right, which is also untrue.

And, in her closing remarks, Harris again retreated to her common but no less strange quip that “I eat no for breakfast.”

  • Grumpy Repub says:

    Surprise DIM”S cannot spell……

  • RU says:

    Although I think very little of KH, I do notice that the first use of the ‘L’ word in the article is also misspelled, omitting the second ‘i’.
    I suggest we assign her a middle name of “Lousiana”.

  • Crash says:

    Sitting around having a ‘fireside chat’ while the country is falling apart….SUCH a ding-a-ling!
    She has contributed nothing to this administration except comic relief…and it’s not even funny.

  • Fedup says:

    Harris’s “cackle” about the gasoline issue is the equivalent of Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” comment which did get her beheaded! Since we no longer serve justice like that in the world, the ballot box will have to do!
    As for the spelling error, was it an error??? Those morons supposedly in charge are still as incompetent as the great Russian reset button and slogan Killary used. It also was INCORRECT and another national embarrassment. You think we would be used to it already! The left’s lust for power supersedes any inconvenience as accurate representation, the general public is not worth the effort.
    The thinkers of the world will never accept this crap and have every intention of getting rid of it ALL! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!



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