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Video: Up to 50 Smash-and-Grab Thieves Ransack LA Nordstrom, Steal $100K in Merchandise

Video shows a mob of as many as 50 thieves ransacking a California Nordstrom store in the middle of the day on Saturday.

Around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, as many as 50 smash-and-grab thieves pulled off a brazen flash mob robbery at the Nordstrom store in the Westfield Topanga Mall in the Canoga Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The swarm of robbers – dressed in all black wearing hoods and masks – snatched high-priced luxury bags and clothing. Some of the bags were still attached to display cases as thieves fled the store.

Customers and store employees looked on helplessly.

A witness told KABC, “I really didn’t understand at first what was going on and then I recognized what was really happening when all the security … everybody was going to the one area.”

At least one security guard was doused in Mace pepper spray or bear spray during the robbery. The guard was treated on the scene by paramedics.

Police say the thieves ran out with the stolen goods and escaped the crime scene in multiple cars – including a BMW and a Lexus.

Investigators said the flash mob robbery stole up to $100,000 in merchandise.

The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement, “To criminals, it is just property taken. To those who live in the area and patronize the Topanga Mall, it is a loss of feeling safe. The LAPD will exhaust all efforts to bring those responsible into custody and seek criminal prosecution.”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) also issued a statement, “What happened today at the Nordstrom in the Topanga Mall is absolutely unacceptable. Those who committed these acts and acts like it in neighboring areas must be held accountable. The Los Angeles Police Department will continue to work to not only find those responsible for this incident but to prevent these attacks on retailers from happening in the future.”

While no suspects have yet to be arrested, LAPD officers said they have several leads.

The same Nordstrom store was hit by smash-and-grab thieves armed with pepper spray in 2021.

KTLA reported, “Several suspects were arrested at the time, with ties to an organized crime spree involving other robberies that took place across the Southland.”

On Tuesday afternoon, 30 robbers pulled off a heist at the Yves Saint Laurent store in Glendale, about 20 miles west of Saturday’s robbery. Criminals stole about $300,000 in merchandise from that flash mob robbery.

Anyone with information on the flash mob robbery is encouraged to send an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at

  • James Leamons says:

    Taking bets on the race of the robbers. What? No takers for white/yellow/brown…

  • Lorna Bishop says:

    As usual, black people wow, and driving Lexus and a BMW. Must have bought those with the proceeds they made in 2021 when they robbed this same store. Let’s not forget Newscum is the one who put Gascon in office and then Democraps voted against Gascon being removed along with Newscum not being recalled. My only question to all you Democraps, had enough yet?

  • Patriot says:

    WOW, imagine that, another snatch and run by a bunch of niggas.

  • Louis says:

    I’ll take ‘The 13%’ for 500, Alex…



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