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Video Reveals Hamas Attack on Israeli Concert: Attendees Flee as Terrorists Paraglide in and Open Fire

Hamas terrorists launched a massive surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, killing dozens of soldiers and innocent families inside Israel.

Hamas reportedly launched over 5,000 missiles into southern and central Israel. Over 250 Israelis are dead, and over 1,000 were hospitalized following the massive assault inside Israel.

Hundreds of Israelis were attending a nature party, also described as a peace party, in the desert near the border on Saturday when Hamas launched its attack.

Chaos erupted after Hamas reportedly opened fire on the gathering. Hundreds of Israelis ran into the desert to hide.

YNet News reported on the partygoers running for their lives as Hamas terrorists attacked the dance party or rave.

Here are the shocking videos from the Peace Party and rave before, during, and after the deadly Hamas attack.

Video was posted before the Hamas terrorists opened fire on the peace festival near the Israeli border with Gaza.

The music was so loud that the young Israelis and foreigners likely had no idea that Hamas had breached the border and was about to attack the concert killing numerous young adults.

There were HUNDREDS of young adults at the concert.

If you look closely you can see Hamas terrorists flying in the sky in the background approaching the concert!

Tweet translation: The Rave that was taking place in the Kibbutz of Urim, in Israel, before Hamas terrorists invaded the Gaza Strip. The terrorists arrived shooting at the party participants, killing and injuring many of them.

When Hamas attacked the party, the youths were obviously surprised and ran for their lives to their vehicles and out into the desert.

You can hear the shooting in the background as Hamas killers opened fire on the innocent concertgoers.

The terrorists were screaming “Allahu Akbar!” in the background as they shot innocent partygoers.

Many concertgoers ran into the field and into the desert and hid for hours until Hamas had cleared the area.

This poor woman was captured by Hamas terrorists.

The survivors spoke about how they witnessed bodies along the road murdered by Hamas.

This young woman, Noa was captured by Hamas along with several others. She is still missing.

Israeli partygoers spoke with the BBC on Saturday after they escaped the Hamas concert attack.

The first woman in the video below says she was the first one to leave the field where she was hiding three hours after the attack. She saw many young people murdered in the road.

The next man in the video says there were bodies left and right outside the car. Hamas terrorists pulled people from the vehicle and gunned them down.

This was the same concert where German citizen Shani Louk was murdered and then Hamas killers tossed her body in the back of a pickup and brought her to Gaza where they chanted “Allahu Akbar!”

Kibbutz Reim is just east of the border with Gaza in southern Israel.

  • f says:

    …and America’s current ‘leaders’ will continue to sit on their hands – AND DO NOTHING, (to help Israel).


    • kronik says:

      the USA has aided Israel since the beginning. from 1985 to ???? we gave 3 Billion a year and gave them access to our weapons. is that helping? because they used that money and weaponry to murder Palestinians.

  • kronik says:

    Biden enabled this.

  • Stewart says:

    “Allah” is not with you…if your version of GOD demands you kill innocents and revel in the fact..I submit your version of god is not god

  • Stewart says:

    i wish to GOD i was younger…

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