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Video: New York Woman Attacks Strangers, Lunges at Mom & Baby in Wild Rampage

This is the wild moment an unhinged woman attacked a mother and baby in a Manhattan park on a violent 30-minute rampage before the NYPD arrested her.

Footage sees the woman lunging at the mother, pulling another woman’s hair, and causing chaos by overturning tables on the sidewalk in Tompkins Square Park in New York CIty’s East Village on Sunday.

Stunned park-goers let out audible gasps as the woman specifically targeted a mother who was holding the baby, before prowling the park for more victims and going on to steal a newspaper from a man and ripping it up in front of his face.

After smashing someone’s glass bottle onto the ground and throwing trash over a fence, she appeared remorseless as she was cuffed by the NYPD, saying: ‘Nobody died, b****, nobody.’

She ventured out onto the streets where she smashed up glasses and plates at a nearby restaurant – and overturning tables and chairs.

The incident went on for around half an hour until the police arrived and apprehended the woman on East Ninth Street.

During one part of the confrontation a man was picked up on video telling the woman to stop.

‘You shouldn’t be assaulting random people on the street, like seven people. Pulling their hair and dragging them everywhere,’ he told her.

Six police officers eventually arrived on scene and took the woman to a waiting ambulance before being taken to Bellevue Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

‘She should not be allowed to go free. Enough is enough!’ a bystander ranted.

‘Nobody died, b****, nobody,’ the woman retorted.

Multiple phone calls were make to 911 about the disturbance which happened around 4:20pm on Sunday which reported the woman screaming and throwing objects, including glass.

‘Probably a repeat offender that is not getting the care she needs,’ said Joseph Giacalone, a former NYPD sergeant who teaches at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice told Fox News.

‘Another example of the system not working, forcing the cops to deal with it anyway.’

  • Yolanda says:

    Awww, cut some slack yuh bunch’a meanies. The Motown review and Ikette revival chorus line aint doin’ or Payin’ much these days. Hard times for a sister. Gotta vent!

  • Mike says:

    Half an hour for law enforcement to show up?

  • Richard Young says:

    Ghetto Dwelling Savage doing the jungle thing. Same old thing.

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