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Video: Female Student Beats Elderly Teacher So Badly the Teacher Is Sent to a Hospital

A female student brutally assaulted an elderly science teacher so badly the educator was sent to a hospital. To make matters worse, the pupil suffered a seizure following the fight.

The Daily Mail reported the fight broke out at Normandy High School in St Louis on Wednesday after 65-year-old teacher Sheryl Rogers confronted the student in the school hallway.

The cause of the fight is unclear at this point. Some students claimed Rogers became unfairly suspicious and tried to prevent the teenager from retrieving her anti-seizure medication from a bag in her locker.

But Greg Stanton, Rogers’ partner, told KSDK the student instigated the fight. He alleged the youth pushed the teacher unprovoked, tried to snatch back her bag, and then violently attacked her after being told to wait.

Stanton also expressed anger over the lack of security.

“Where were the police? Where were the paraprofessionals?” he asked.

The video starts with Rogers on the ground, desperately clinging to a bag while the unruly pupil stands over her and punches her head multiple times. The student continues to slug the elderly woman even as a male teacher tries to intervene.

Rogers continues holding the bag and manages to get up as the deranged student is restrained by her classmates. She attempts to lunge at the youth before being shoved to the floor by another student.

The two are then finally separated. The female attacker can be seen being led away by a male student.


But seconds later, another video captured an arguably more shocking episode. The female student is seen on her back in cuffs in the same hallway and suffering a significant seizure.

She convulses violently while a member of the school’s security staff tries to stop her from swallowing her tongue as fellow students look on in horror.

Normandy Schools released a statement saying they are cooperating with law enforcement and that they have launched an internal investigation.

The district is addressing an incident that occurred this morning involving a confrontation between a teacher and a student. The administration is taking this matter seriously and is fully cooperating with local law enforcement. Additionally, we have launched an internal investigation to gather all the necessary facts surrounding the incident, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the findings of these investigations.

The safety and well-being of our students and staff are of the utmost importance to Normandy Schools Collaborative, and our primary focus is to provide a safe and nurturing space for students to learn and for teachers to educate.

Police said they will seek criminal charges against the student through the St. Louis County Juvenile Courts.

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