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Video: Democrat Mayor Spanked by Drag Queen at Campaign Event

Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony was spanked by a drag queen at the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser on Saturday.

A video depicts Anthony bent over a table people sat at as a drag queen whacked him with a paddle.

The video was posted to Instagram by the Wisenuts Podcast and caught wind online after being reposted by the popular X account Libs of TikTok.

Local press reported that the fundraiser was billed as being for ages 15 and up, but that it was “not suitable for children.”

Libs of TikTok wrote that Anthony was spanked by the drag queen in front of children, but the Burbank mayor says there were no children present at the event.

“No children were in attendance,” Anthony told Fox News Digital. “All attendees were over 21 years of age.”

Anthony also said, “It has been confirmed that there were no attendees under the age of 21.”

In an Instagram comment on the original video post, Anthony wrote, “Jealous?”

The video of Anthony comes as California parents share their concerns with a new rule that could have their kids become wards of the state.

A California mom concerned about a new state measure requiring judges to consider whether a parent has affirmed their child’s belief that they are transgender during custody battles warned Sunday that the policy could have disastrous implications.

“This is the steady assault on family and children that we’ve been seeing this legislative session and throughout the past couple of years in California,” Nicole Pearson, a mom of three and a member of the newly-formed “Protect Kids California” group, told Fox News.

“If both parents are conservative, and they are not comfortable affirming their child, what does that mean? The way that we read the law is that both will be jeopardizing the child’s health, safety and welfare… does that mean that the state will find that both are endangering or neglecting or even abusing their child and remove custody from both parents? And if no one is available to step up and take custody of the child, that child becomes a ward of the state.

“People need to be paying attention to what’s happening here in California,” she continued.

The California State Assembly passed AB 957 on Friday, dealing a blow to parental rights advocates like Pearson who warned the policy could jeopardize parental custody rights because they disagree with the child’s decision to identify with a gender that does not correspond with their biological sex.

  • Dave in Fla says:

    When Politically elected individuals partake in events such as this VERY Questionable one they are ripe to be examined for thier particiaption in what some consider as S&M sex practices, since it was all adults. Did the spanker have a hard wanker?

  • Richard Mundy says:

    This ass swipe needs to be recalled immediately and the Democrats need to be outlawed in California. They are a disgrace to the public welfare of the Golden State.

  • Carrol says:

    Talk about some sick shit this is it. Makes me happy to know I home schooled my daughter. These people are sick & have no business around our children

  • Larry Bowling says:

    You cannot straighten out California because the people who live there are all democrats who do not want anything changed. We can just continue to pray and thank God that the other 49 states in our country have not followed California’s road to socialism. A few are almost there with the Californians but we can only hope!

  • Sicsam says:

    Yeah…what a great example for kids! Oh….that’s right, he is a Democrap!



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