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Tucker’s Latest Episode Blows the Lid Off the Narrative About the War in Ukraine

Tucker Carlson began his latest episode on X telling viewers why “pretty much everything” the mainstream media has been saying about the war in Ukraine “is a lie.”

In a brief monologue prior to the interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Carlson explains further and claims it’s “likely” that U.S. troops will fight the Russian army.

‘The Russian army is incompetent,’ they claim. ‘Ukraine is a democracy.’ ‘Vladimir Putin is Hitler, and he’s trying to take over the world.’ Thankfully, the Ukrainians are winning. None of that is true.

Every claim is false. The last one, especially. The Ukrainian Army is not winning. In fact, it’s losing badly. Ukraine is being destroyed. Its population is being slaughtered in lopsided battles with a technologically superior enemy or scattered by the millions to the rest of the globe as refugees. Ukraine is running out of soldiers.

As that happens, the question will inevitably arise who’s going to replace them? If the Ukrainians can’t beat Putin, who will? The answer, of course, will be us. American troops will fight the Russian army in Eastern Europe. That’s most likely. And the assumption is we’ll win. But will we win?

Probably not, says former Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a decorated combat veteran who advised the Secretary of Defense in the last administration. The US, says Macgregor, is on the brink of a catastrophic war that could very easily destroy us. Few Americans seem to understand that, but they should. Douglas Macgregor is now the CEO of Our Country, Our Choice, and we sat down with him recently.

This conversation is worth hearing.

X account The Vigilant Fox has highlighted some noteworthy clips from the interview:

  • True Patriot says:

    I have said all along the “weakness” of the Russian military displayed in the media if nothing but a ploy. Democrats want to get in a war. WHY? well the economy is in the ditch, inflation running sky high, an election year is approaching. I also think Russia has foreseen this and playing it like a well hidden pair of aces in a poker hand, appearing weak with light bets or just calling but waiting to drop the bomb ( no pun intended).

  • maga24 says:

    Not 1 penny, or 1 American soldier for Ukraine.
    Why does this country feel the need to involve itself in every war in every shithole on earth, we are not the worlds police force or their sugar daddy.
    War is about conquest, nothing less. If we are to fight a war overt some land in eastern europe, then that land will become ours, to sell, or use as we see fit.



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