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Trump Honors Victims and Heroes of 9/11: ‘A Void That Can Never Be Filled’

Former President Donald Trump honored the thousands of Americans killed in the September 11, 2001, attacks at the hands of Islamic terrorists and praised the heroic first responders who sprung into action.

“No one who lived through the horror of the September 11 terrorist attacks can ever forget the agony and the anguish of that terrible day,” Trump said in a video shared to Truth Social Monday morning.

Trump recalled “the images of dark plumes of smoke billowing over Lower Manhattan” after the attacks at the Twin Towers in New York City, the attack at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and the hijacked United Flight 93, which missed its intended target of Washington, DC, and crashed in Pennsylvania because of the heroism of the passengers and crew onboard, noting the scenes of that day “are seared into our minds forever.”

“Today, on the solemn anniversary of those monstrous attacks, we remember the 2,977 precious souls who were savagely taken from us on that morning 22 years ago, leaving a void that can never be filled,” Trump said. “No matter what happens, it can never be filled.”

“We will say a prayer for each of the beautiful families they left behind, whose pain is beyond comprehension. What they’ve gone through is not even believable,” Trump said before praising the selfless first responders who worked tirelessly in the aftermath of the attacks and “in many cases gave their lives in the line of duty.”

He said:

We honor the firefighters, the great New York PD, the police department – what great people they are, they are so great, and the Port Authority officers, the Virginia, D.C., and Pentagon police and the military service members and other first responders, actually all over the country, they acted with supreme heroism and they went to the site of the most heinous crime. They would leave other states far away and go to the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon, they’d go to Pennsylvania.

“God bless the memory of all of those who perished in the 9/11 attacks we will never ever forget,” Trump concluded. “We will never forget you. We love you. God bless their families, and God bless America.”

  • Dee C says:

    I would like to mention something that I’m wondering if anyone else has ever noticed. My President Trump, in every speech that I’ve ever heard him give, at the end always says, “God bless America”. I absolutely love that! But I have noticed in the last few years that the resident Biden NEVER says “God bless America”! NEVER! At the end of his teleprompter read speeches, he will say “God bless our troops” (and I think that is only because his deceased son served in the JAG corps), but he has NEVER said “God bless America”. Pay attention next time your hear any of his phony speeches, whether old or new, and see how he ends them. Just that fact alone tells me he hates this great country!


      No Biden says stupid shit like God Save The Queen after she is already deceased
      Biden Is Satan Himself
      Obama Is The Queer Final AntiChrist
      And America Dies Because Of These 2 Satanic Demons From Hell. My Prediction Nuclear Armageddon Oct 2024 They Know They Are Going To Lose Their Powers So We Will Lose The World!!!

  • KaytK says:

    Thank you president Donald J. Trump. You are a very caring and grateful person. God be with you during this rigged trial

  • American Citizen says:

    President Trump. A REAL American and the BEST President of my lifetime. He really CARES about America and American Citizens. God Bless You President Trump.
    Americans will NEVER forget, unlike the current puppet show that is dirtying up Our White House and dragging the USA through the mud.

  • Geraldine Lenarcic says:

    President Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT in my lifetime and I am 76 years old…

  • Mike from Missouri says:

    A real leader stands with The People.

    Personality aside, President Donald Trump is a true American, down to the marrow.
    He is strong, resilient and loves our country.

    If the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was alive today, I am sure he would shake President Trump’s hand, with pride.



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