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Top CNN Executive Leaving Network

CNN’s CEO Chris Licht announced Monday the network’s executive vice president of programming would be departing the outlet.

Michael Bass made the decision to depart the network, Licht told employees in a memo. Bass is set to leave CNN by the end of the year.

“Throughout his nearly decade-long run at this organization Michael has demonstrated incredible leadership and perseverance. He has been a steady hand during some of the most turbulent times this network has faced,” Licht wrote to employees.

“Michael kept CNN live and on air as COVID-19 shut the world down. Never has CNN been more essential than those bleak days when people were struggling to understanding the pandemic,” Licht continued. “Michael helped create a number of new shows and overhaul legacy programs. His full list of accomplishments is too great to acknowledge in a single memo.”

Licht said the network is currently looking for Bass’ replacement.

Major staffing changes have occurred since Licht took on the role. Brian Stelter departed the network after his Sunday show, “Reliable Sources,” was canned. The ending of the show came as Licht and other executives continue to try and move toward a more neutral reporting style.

  • verneoz says:

    “Michael Bass made the decision to depart the network, Licht told employees in a memo. Bass is set to leave CNN by the end of the year.” Bass will wind up at another fake news network screwing up their domestic affairs news with more fake news.

  • John says:

    A shame but the brain dead fake American poser communist and they’re mentally demented viewers of the Democrat pedophiles party would keep watching the fake News Network CNN even if every fascist fake news parrot walked off the stage during a broadcast because their brainwashed brain dead brainwashed viewers of the Democrat domestic communist terrorist party of elitist morons tell them to otherwise they wouldn’t have any brain dead voters to vote for them that’s why they constantly cheating and fraudulently rigging elections

  • Sherry says:

    I guest he’s jumping the sinking ship! What a terrible channel. Maybe he decided he didn’t want to be involved in a loser. Or maybe running away from the programming he was in charge of that is so over to top that nobody trusts the reporting anymore. Such a sham they used to be the go to news if you just wanted the news.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    Yet another liberal rat jumping ship.

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