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Third Trump Indictment Over Jan. 6 Could Drop as Soon as Tomorrow

Former President Donald Trump received a letter from the Department of Justice indicating that he is the target of an investigation into January 6. Special Counsel Jack Smith, who has already indicted Trump over alleged mishandling of classified materials, is also heading up the investigation into the Capitol riot.

The classified document trial is set to begin on May 20, 2024, but an indictment over January 6 could come as soon as tomorrow, according to CBS News:

After appearing at a Turning Point USA event last week, Mr. Trump was informed of the target letter over the January 6 event. The setting—Washington, DC—is perfect for anti-Trump legal forces lusting to throw this man behind bars. The problem, as with all the legal nonsense hurled toward Trump, is the charges. There’s not much there regarding tampering or conspiracy.

Did Trump receive bad legal advice about the electors? As law professor Jonathan Turley commented, that’s not a crime. Turley added that the First Amendment protects whatever the Left thinks is a criminal offense concerning January 6. He added that this case must be ironclad, and he’s at a loss regarding what Smith could feasibly claim as a criminal act.

The FBI’s August 2021 report exonerated Trump from being the ringleader of the riot, seemingly gutting the Left’s narrative that he had orchestrated the whole thing, but when has that stopped overzealous lawyers at the Justice Department from going after the former president?

It’s quite possible that Trump could be indicted again this week. And it will do nothing to damage his standing in the GOP polls regarding the 2024 nomination.

  • Barb says:

    Leave Trump alone and go after our countries biggest criminal and problem Joe Biden and family.

  • Sam says:

    I watched the video of Trump’s speech on 1/6.
    It was a bad idea. Period. However, he at no time called or provoked a riot. He called for a “peaceful protest March”. Radicals seized the opportunity to turn it into a riot. Where Smith’s indictment will fail is – Trump offered/suggested additional security to Pelosi – and she refused it. Insufficient security is largely the reason the crowd got out of hand.
    Accompany that with the Washington Police opening doors and ESCORTING protestors through the capital chambers and the entire debacle falls apart. Smith is politically motivated. As is Bragg. This will come back to bite them.



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