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Study Examines Patriotism Across All 50 States: Here Are the Top 10 Taking the Lead

Virginia was ranked the most patriotic state when military and civic engagement were examined in a recent study.

WalletHub examined all 50 states across 13 categories, including each state’s number of active military personnel, veteran population, voters, volunteers, and more to determine their patriotism ranking.

Virginia was given the third-highest score for military engagement as it has the second-most veterans per capita and also the eighth-highest score for civic engagement for being home to the fourth-most Peace Corps volunteers per capita.

The top 10 also included Montana, Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Hampshire.

Last year, Alaska was ranked the No. 1 most patriotic state by the same firm. This year, Georgia reported the most military enlistees, which was three times more than North Dakota, which reported the lowest. New Jersey had the highest percentage of adults who voted in 2020 at two times more than Arkansas, which ranked last. Utah had the highest volunteering rate, which was three times that of Florida, which had the lowest rate of volunteering.

When the states were designated Republican or Democratic based on how they voted in the 2020 election, Democratic states were slightly more patriotic than Republican ones. For example, Hawaii, a state President Joe Biden won, is home to the fifth most veterans and military enlistees. Similarly, Maine had the fourth-highest volunteering rate.

Meanwhile, the 10 least patriotic states were, in descending order, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Arkansas, which was notably also the least patriotic, according to WalletHub’s study in 2022. Wisconsin was not in the bottom ten last year but dropped in patriotism this year.

Even though New Jersey had the highest voter turnout by percentage, it reported the second smallest veteran population per capita. Massachusetts was ranked in the bottom five for military enlistees and veteran population.

According to Wallethub, 87% of Americans will gather on July 4 to celebrate the holiday.

  • Michael says:

    I’m calling BS on this. First, the number of voters is no indicator of patriotism. Democraps hate this country. If you vote Democrap, you probably also hate this country. Democraps are trying to destroy this country.

    How about studying which states are tearing down monuments to Revolutionary War patriots? How about studying with states are educating their kids on the evils of America?

    Study party politics. Which party best defends freedom and liberty? Which party is trying to suppress freedom of speech? The Democrap Party is against freedom, so if your state predominantly votes Democrap, then your state IS NOT patriotic.

  • John says:

    That’s what happens when you let open border illegal creeping brown and black illegal scum into this country who has no respect for this country and never earned the right to be here nor ever stood up or defended the United States , besides letting the originally elected Democrat communist pedophile party of banana Republic communist pigs promoting their anti-American, anti-white racist , communist and illegal alien criminal cartel embracing pedophile Democrat dictatorship of luciferian government to force their cootita take over Rich elitist government to overstep our constitutional rights and freedoms , it’s time to take it back forcibly the first war that needs to be fought is to weed out these anti-American pieces of Democrat communist and fascist scumbags embedded in the ass of Society in this country like a tick in a mule’s ass thanks to the Democrat pedophile and Satan worshiping baby murdering luciferian party of demonic communist Antichrist

  • Peggy says:

    Compare the list to the states with the highest retired people in them. Florida has 21% retired citizens. So of course Florida won’t have a high enlistment.
    Anyway…what % of those retired people are vets/retired military????

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