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Stephen Colbert Holds Back Tears During Show After Long Time Assistant Passes Away at 53

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert is never known to be lost for words, but at the end of his Monday night show broadcast, the host of The Stephen Colbert Report was left speechless as he paid tribute to his long-time executive Amy Cole, who passed away at age 53.

At the end of his Monday night show, Colbert, who usually ends on a high note, looked noticeably dejected and asked the audience not to applaud.

Colbert then left the set when a visual appeared on the screen that showed a picture of Amy Cole with the caption:

“Dedicated to our dear friend Amy Cole, 1970-2024.”

Cole’s cause of death was not revealed to viewers.


Per Independent:

Stephen Colbert grew emotional and seemed unable to speak following the death of his longtime Late Show executive assistant Amy Cole. She was 53.

At the end of Monday (1 April) night’s show a title card was displayed showing a photograph of Cole alongside the caption: “Dedicated to our dear friend Amy Cole, 1970-2024.”

LateNighter reports that audience members who attended the taping said the upbeat show took a serious turn at the end of the night when Colbert asked them to hold their applause.

The host, 59, looked lost for words before eventually saying a simple: “Good night.”

Write and producer for the show Opus Moreschi took to X and shared his condolences, too.

Moreschi wrote, “Amy Cole was a beacon of light and joy and calm in the swirling chaos of our workplace. I am absolutely gutted that she’s gone.”

He then made a reference to cancer, “If you love somebody with cancer (or even if you don’t) please consider giving to Amy’s favorite charity in her name.”

Producer Jake Plunkett also made a reference to cancer in his tribute of Cole and wrote, “Words cannot measure how big a loss Amy Cole is to this world. F*ck cancer. One of Amy’s passions was helping children with cancer. So, I ask you to help spread the light that she gave to this world by donating to the link”.

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  • Rob says:

    Sad that anyone dies from cancer too bad it wasn’t Colbert…



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