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Sickening Video Shows ‘Disgusting’ Hamas Terrorists Parading Naked, Battered Woman Through Streets

Twisted Hamas fighters are seen parading a young woman’s naked and battered body through the streets of Israel, as unverified clips surfaced Saturday purportedly showing the sick aftermath of the terrorist organization’s surprise assault on the country.

The video, posted to X, formerly Twitter, appears to show the naked body of a young Israeli woman being paraded in the back of a pickup truck, while gun-toting terrorists chant “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is Great.”

Dozens in the screaming crowd surround the vehicle and chase after the gunman, echoing the deranged fighters’ cries and spitting on the woman’s body.

“These are the people world leaders want Israel to make peace with,” X user Jay Engelmayer wrote.

“These are the people [President Joe Biden] and the [United Nations] say are good people who deserve every consideration. Pray for Israel.”

“Disgusting. No other words,” another user wrote.

Another clip, which The Post was unable to verify, purportedly shows the body of bloodied Israeli solider being dragged out of a car in the Gaza Strip by Palestinian fighters before it is dropped on the ground. As strapped and masked men jump and cheer around the body, a maddened group of men swarm in to savagely kick the lifeless figure repeatedly.

An array of shocking videos began percolating Saturday, showing Hamas terrorists from Gaza launching an invasion of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday morning that the country was “at war” as the mayhem continued to unfold and at least 22 Israelis were killed in the surprise assault.

Attendees at an outdoor party near Kibbutz Urim scrambled to their cars and shouted in terror as a gunshot whizzed overhead, video obtained by the Jerusalem Post showed.

“We heard gunshots and began fleeing instantly. We are still in hiding,” one attendee told the Jerusalem Post.

“We were alerted by a ‘red siren’ [rocket warning]. Chaos ensued, especially with vehicles trying to exit. Then the gunshots started, and we began to run. We’re still hiding and awaiting rescue,” said another man identified only as Daniel.

The Jerusalem Post also shared a video of what appeared to be an elderly Israeli woman who had been abducted by the terrorist organization whizzing by between two fighters on a motorcycle.

The outlet could not confirm its authenticity.

Other footage showed pickup trucks shuttle smiling gunmen alongside the bodies of dead or wounded captives through Gaza, with crowds of hundreds of men shouting and cheering bloody chaos.

Another video allegedly posted by Hamas shows their fighters infiltrating southern Israel using motorized hang gliders while their fighters engage in house-to-house combat.

The footage could not be independently verified by The Post.

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