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Shocking Moment Tennis Star Yibing Wu Collapses at Citi Open in DC

Tennis star Yibing Wu collapsed at the Mubadala Citi DC Open in the US capital Monday afternoon.

The shocking scenes come just weeks after the Chinese player suffered a similar incident during his Wimbledon opener against Frances Tiafoe earlier this month.

Wu, 23, was beating Yosuke Watanuk 4-1 in the round of 64 at the tournament in Washington DC Monday but was forced to retire from the match.

His retirement from the match saw Watanuk, 25, automatically proceeded to the next round.

Footage shared by Tennis TV showed the young star collapse as he approached his chair.

Staff rushed to hold him up before gently lowering him to the ground, before helping him off the court to have him checked out.

During his collapse at SW19 earlier this month, Wu also appeared to have been suffering from breathing problems.

Wu, ranked No 90 in the ATP world rankings, was beaten in the opening set by Tiafoe on a tiebreak and had just lost the first two games of the second set before complaining of breathing difficulty.

After being checked over by medics on court, the 23-year-old was taken to the dressing room for an initial three-minute time-out, which was eventually extended to 15 minutes.

And according to ESPN, via The Sun, the extended break came after Wu fainted while back in the dressing room.

Fortunately he appeared to make a full recovery during that time, meaning he was able to return to court and continue the match shortly after.

Having lost the first set, Wu was beaten 6-3 in the second and 6-4 in the third, bringing his Wimbledon campaign to an end at the very first hurdle.

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