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Shocking Moment Crowd of 100 Migrants Storm Across Rio Grande Into Eagle Pass

Cheering and holding hands as they wade through waist-deep water, this is the astonishing moment a group of 100 migrants stormed across the Rio Grande.

The crowd surged past Border Patrol boats that were trying to stop them before being allowed through a razor wire thicket on the US side after a standoff that lasted for more than four hours.

Eagle Pass, Texas, has been overwhelmed with migrants in recent days, with more than 7,500 flooding into the tiny town of 28,000 people on Monday and Tuesday alone.

In response, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered thickets of razor wire to be placed along the banks of the river – only for President Biden to demand it be cut down.

Pugilistic Abbot then had it replaced and doubled but will now have to reinstate the makeshift barrier for a second time after the migrant group was allowed through due to concern for their welfare in the searing 101-degree heat on Saturday.

Although the flow of migrants into Eagle Pass has dropped dramatically in the last few days, some large groups are still arriving.

The 100-strong crowd had arrived in Piedras Negras on the Mexican side early on Saturday morning and made their way to an unshaded island in the middle of the river.

Exclusive photos show the group engaged in a standoff with Border Patrol and National Guard boats which circled and blocked them as they attempted to cross.

Then, after two hours, the migrants surged forward together and crowded onto a bank on the US side where they stood refusing to move for another two hours while they tried to find a way through Abbot’s razor wire hurdle – despite being repeatedly told to go back.

After nearly four hours in the river and on the bank, guards were eventually forced to cut through the razor wire and allow the group through due to concerns for their welfare.

A local law enforcement source told the decision was made due to the fiery border heat and the extended time the group spent out in the open.

Although largely made up of men, a handful of the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants were women and children – some of whom looked unwell and dehydrated by the time they were allowed into the US.

Some of the babies were carried by National Guard and Border Patrol personnel who took the infants from their exhausted mothers as they struggled up the bank.

The migrant group was the second large arrival of the day and came after another group of 100 crossed the river early Saturday morning. photos show the group beaming as they waited in line before being processed under the Camarillo Real International Bridge.

Abbot has spent most of the week fulminating about the fresh surge of migrants in Eagle Pass and El Paso and told Fox News on Wednesday that the Biden administration is being ‘obstructionist’.

He said: ‘We have a President who is an obstructionist to Texas, which is trying to do our best to impede the flow of illegal immigrants by us building our own border wall, by us putting up these razor wire barriers and not allowing people to pass, by deploying the National Guard to make sure we repel migrants who are trying to get into the country.

‘And what do we have? We have Joe Biden interfering with my efforts to secure the border. I’ve never seen a President flout the laws of the United States as much as Joe Biden, and I’ve never seen someone like that obstruct a Governor who is actually trying to limit illegal immigration into our country.’

Abbot was speaking as tiny Eagle Pass, a border town of 28,000 people, was overwhelmed by a huge influx of migrants – with more than 7,500 flooding in on Monday and Tuesday.

That flood has now turned into a trickle with just 800 arriving on Friday and even fewer on Saturday – despite the resumption of freight train services which had been temporarily shut down in a bid to ease the flow.

  • All Elected Officials children to report to the Border Immediately - says:

    I predict the USA will have another Attack like 911, sometime before the 2024 Election. There are far too many young, military aged men arriving in the USA. Rarely do I see women & child; 80% or more are young, military aged men and what’s going to happen when they all gather, as instructed, and kick their Plan into Motion? There has always been Guidelines for those who request Asylum and the US has always been careful about young, single men arriving – – We’ve got about a year left until the November Elections, 2024 – I think ALL of the Former & Current Presidents kids, as well as, every Governor and every member of Congress MUST put forth their children & grandchildren to fight in the next Battle at the Border 2024 including: Chelsea Clinton, Two Obama Girls, Trumps childrens, Joe Bidens children and grands, Pelosi’s, Schumers, Nadler, Fetterman, McCarthy, et al – the entire 535 Congress & 50 Governors Children MUST put forth their Children and Grandchildren to Fight in the Next Battle Brewing! Perhaps then, they would take notice now and be afraid. They don’t seem to be afraid of unknown soldiers dying; so let them put skin onto the battlefield – IF they ALL lost their loved ones; perhaps “We the People” would mean more to them?? ZERO exemptions will be given. If they are older than 16 yo, they are to report to the TX Border the moment an attack begins in America ~

  • Just me says:

    “the migrant group was allowed through due to concern for their welfare in the searing 101-degree heat on Saturday.”

    I don’t give a rats ass about the invading aliens and the heat. Did they not know it was hot before attempting their invasion? If we want to stop the scum from invading let a few bodies float down the river. Pedo shitshispants is welcoming them like conquering heroes. Some day we will have to round up the vermin for removal or extermination.

    BP can’t stand on “we received orders to cut the wire and facilitate the invasion”. Hitler’s regime tried that and were prosecuted for crimes. You should not obey an unlawful order just because it is given by a moron. FJB and FBP. They are all traitors. I have NO RESPECT for the BP.

  • Pamela says:

    Biden’s name should drop out of any discussion, as he isn’t running the US. Our country is taken over by Obama’s buddies and Globalist/Marxist interests, all intent to destroy America.
    What agency or military is left to defend us, or is it up to Patriot citizens?
    Let’s get it clear, or admit defeat.

  • Michael says:

    That video of “border patrol” agents HELPING illegals enter the country is infuriating. Their job is to protect the border, not enable illegal activity. You’ve got guns. Start shooting. Stop illegal crossings of the border. Do you job!!!



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