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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Guru Who Predicted 2008 Collapse Issues Dire Warning About Economy

The financial world legend who predicted Lehman Brothers’ collapse is sounding the alarm over America’s “serious” financial troubles.

“I hate to say this because, you know I love America, but America is in serious trouble financially because of the debt load,” Rich Dad Company co-founder Robert Kiyosak said during his appearance on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Thursday.

“I think the biggest problem, Neil, is we have the Three Stooges, you know, one in the presidency, one in the Treasury and one at the Fed,” he continued when discussing his outlook on the country’s economic standing.

“America is broke right now,” Kiyosaki told host Neil Cavuto.

In September, U.S. national debt topped $33 trillion for the first time ever, crossing a critical milestone at a time when government spending is already under scrutiny.

“All you do is look at history. Every time they printed money, the empire went down,” he stressed.

Kiyosaki went on to say that the government will continue printing money to pay for the country’s rising debt unless they “cut back on entitlements or the military.”

“We just keep printing money to solve our problems, but we can’t go on much longer,” he warned.

In the latest Fox News poll asking Americans about the state of the economy, just 29% of respondents said the economy has started to turn around, while 67% say the worst is yet to come.

As the 2024 presidential election nears, inflation continues to be the main concern for voters.

“I hate to say this, but inflation is here to stay. Incompetence is here to stay,” Kiyosaki expressed.

  • Cavalryman says:


  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Kiyosoki is correct. Back in ’98, I realized there was no way I was going to put to high school sons through college on a firefighter inspectors’ salary. I bought Rick Man Poor Man, and by 2005 had 27 real estate property investments in 6 different suburbs. I paid off the loans before they graduated. Two small LLC’s came out of that. A janitorial company, employing 36, (and which my sister still runs today), and a small snow plow/landscaping business, (which her husband still runs). In 2010, I saw Section 8 coming hard and wanted nothing to do w/ it. I 1031’d everything, (1031 of the IRS code. You ‘buy up’ and owe no capital gains), bought a $3.2M commercial building, and had enough money left over to build my new client, (whom I had been in negotiations w/ for 14 months), a brand new building. Who was my tentative renter? The U.S. Post Office. I put them on a 5 year contract w/ 5 – 1-year options. We optioned out in 2015. They signed an extension for 2 more years, and I solld the building in 2017. I retired 2 years ago w/ 34 years in the fire service, (federal fire Marshall at a government facility), and the commercial building will be willed to my 2 boys when I die.

    Thank you Richard Kiyosoki for EVERYTHING!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    We have people at the helm who have been sold out to or are being blackmailed by – China. The global elites have been pulling the strings for over 100 years, and their ‘full speed ahead’ w/ their NWO 2035 Agenda. There are no government secrets anymore…none. Our enemies no everything, thanks to O’Nigger who put the icing on the cake, and who is still running things, (w/ others. Read: shadow government), behind the scenes. Only a miracle will now save this country…only a miracle.
    I believe in miracles. Watch and learn…



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