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Republicans Bash Biden’s Woke EV Rule as ‘Unlawful’

Democrat’s obsession with sounding the alarm and causing hysteria over the Earth combusting one day due to so-called “climate change” has taken another turn in the wrong direction.

President Joe Biden is being criticized over its proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule that would force auto manufacturers to make more electric vehicles.

The proposed rule would force auto manufacturers to grow today’s 8.4 percent share of light-duty new electric vehicle sales to 67 percent by 2032.

Republican Attorneys Generals are bashing Biden’s proposed plans, calling them “unlawful and misguided.”

Attorneys general for Kentucky and West Virginia are leading a letter signed by more than 20 Republican state attorneys to argue that Biden’s rule would pose risks for “consumer safety, economic stability, and national security.”

While billed as tightening existing standards for “criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from” certain motor vehicles, id. At 29,186, the Proposed Rule is, more accurately, the next phase in a top-to-bottom attempt to restructure the automobile industry … And the Proposed Rule’s approach will create more problems than it purports to solve. We urge EPA to adopt instead possible standards that maintain our nation’s air quality without risking consumer safety, economic stability, and national security,” the letter states.

Mike Sommers, president, and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, also slammed the president’s rule, arguing it missed the mark.

“While not an explicit ban on internal combustion engines, this proposal is a de facto ban that will eliminate competition, distort the market, and restrict consumer choice while being potentially more costly to taxpayers,” Sommers said.

The Republican AGs said more time is needed to develop better solutions, arguing that mandating fast and extreme transformations before supply chains, national security, or consumer confidence will backfire.

Alliance for Automotive Innovation argued that the market is not ready for a surplus of electric vehicles even if consumers are ready to buy one.

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron criticized the Democrat’s escalated panic and his attempt to use “the power of government to force a massive shift in demand for automobiles, with the government putting its thumb on the scale in favor of EVs.”

“This is the latest head-in-the-sand approach to achieving the left’s impossible green-energy fantasies,” Cameron said.

  • Sicsam says:

    I hope that Biden will get so pissed off the comments made about him, he will have a stroke or die.

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