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Republican Wins Special Election, Flipping District Dems Just Won

A Maine Republican candidate won a seat in the state’s House of Representatives during a special election Tuesday, flipping a spot that had gone to a Democrat in the November election.

Abden Simmons, a former state representative, was declared the winner with 52 percent of the vote, surpassing Democrat Wendy Pieh’s 48 percent, News Center Maine reported. Pieh is also a former state representative.

Simmons will replace Democrat Clinton Collamore in representing Bremen, Friendship, Louds Island Township, Waldoboro and Washington.

Collamore resigned in February after he was indicted on accusations of violating the Maine Clean Elections Act and of forging signatures to collect $14,000 worth of public campaign funds, News Center Maine reported.

Collamore pleaded not guilty to the charges but vowed to return the campaign funds as well as his legislative salary, according to the news outlet.

Simmons works as a clammer and elver fisherman and also serves as a Waldoboro selectman, according to the Bangor Daily News.

“The election will not change much” in Maine’s State House, the Daily News reported, as Democrats still will outnumber House Republicans 81-68, with two additional “liberal-leaning independents.”

However, the news outlet acknowledged, “It is still a shot of momentum for a minority party that had hopes of flipping the House in last year’s election but [was] effectively stalemated by Democrats.”

Maine Republican Party Chairman Joel Stetkis congratulated Simmons in a social media post.

“This is massive news for Maine,” Stetkis said.

“[Simmons’] deep community roots and staunch advocacy for this district’s way of life clearly resonated with voters,” he said.

“We’ve said from the beginning that Main Republicans are putting together a reinvigorated, bottom up, grassroots team effort,” Stetkis said, “and I want to thank our volunteers and local party chairs because this was a great example of everyone working together for a common goal.”

He went on to thank not only Simmons and the Republican team but also the ultra-liberal Democrats, from President Joe Biden to top state legislators, for making the decision an easy one for voters.

“Abden and the Republican team were great, but I’ll also point out that Joe Biden, [Maine Gov.] Janet Mills, [Maine Senate President] Troy Jackson, and [Maine House Speaker] Rachel Talbot Ross have made consistent headlines in recent months for proposing and supporting far, far left wing policies,” Stetkis said.

“Mainers in this battleground district today said ENOUGH. Enough of the spending increases, enough of the extreme left-wing agenda in Augusta, enough of the broken promises.

“And they picked Abden Simmons to deliver this message.”

  • Slim says:

    It’s locations such as this who are not intelligent enough to vote for their own best interests that have assisted in the destruction of the USA. These locations where election fraud has been proved continue to pile up day after day making it very clear just how corrupt, widespread and devious democrats are. It’s a wonder why this country has lasted as long as it has.

  • Proud Veteran says:

    Another step in the right direction! There is hope for America and it needs to continue to gain traction. The biden admin has this country in a downward spiral. Go flush your toilet and watch what happens. It is indicative of the biden plan for America! Vote red for yours and your childrens future!

  • KatyK says:

    Congratulations Mr. SImmons! We look forward to seeing you in the House of Representatives! Mr.Collamore pleads not guilty but will pay back the money???Come on!

  • MARY PRICE says:


  • R.Raney says:

    Yahoo Stand United America For Our Country’s Freedom. United We Stand… Divided We Fall.. and be Cowards to be controlled by the. Socialism & Controlling Communism to make us slaves in Our Country. STAND UP For Our Country’s Freedom, How Many Sacrificed there Lives for Our Freedom Uphold The Original Constitution of the United States of America Freedom is a Costly Price We have Paid, STAND Up For Our Freedom & Liberty & Wake Up America!!❤️

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