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Republican Introduces Move to Defund Alvin Bragg with the ‘ALVIN Act’

Democrats are obsessed with former President Trump, so much so they are attacking him from every corner to take him down. The most recent political witch hunt against him was Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s persecution of the 45th president. However, Republicans are pulling out all the stops to stop them from meddling in the 2024 election.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) introduced legislation that would halt federal funds from Bragg’s office. The ALVIN Act, or the Accountability for Lawless Violence In Our Neighborhoods Act, would require the woke DA to repay any funds received after January 1, 2022.

“District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran on a campaign pledge to indict President Trump. Bragg took the unprecedented action of converting alleged minor business misdemeanors to 34 individual felonies to put President Trump behind bars and humiliate him and his supporters,” Biggs said in a statement.

Biggs also proposed a second bill, the No Federal Funds for Political Prosecutions Act, which would block any state or local law enforcement agency from using resources seized through asset forfeiture to prosecute a president, vice president, or a candidate for president in a criminal case.

The Republican accuses Bragg of weaponizing his power and spending thousands of federal taxpayer dollars to go after Trump while requesting millions more in federal grants.

Biggs called it disturbing that Bragg would use the city’s money to ignite a political investigation rather than use the funds to address the ongoing crime issue in his town.

“As a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight & Accountability Committees, and with an almost insurmountable national debt that exceeds $31 trillion, the nation simply cannot afford to support Mr. Bragg’s politicization of the criminal justice system,” Bragg continued.

According to DA records, roughly $5,000 was spent on expenses relating to the Trump or Trump Organization investigations. None of those expenses were paid for with funds received through federal grant programs. The DA’s office has contributed $1 billion to the federal government through forfeited assets in the last 15 years, with only a “small fraction” of those funds being received by Bragg.

  • Sicsam says:

    Bragg thinks he is the top N—, when all he is, a fat blubber corrupt ass wipe!

  • Michael says:

    Why are any federal dollars being used to fund any local jurisdictions? Local jurisdictions should fund themselves.

  • John says:

    Another Financial waste of money by the clueless Republican party why don’t you do what Hillary Clinton does just have him killed and murdered like she did the Trail of people every time they were about to expose her for her treasonous tyrannical communist embezzling and treasonous acts against the American people, it would be cheaper to pay and have him killed and save our tax money it works for Clinton and her demonic luciferian Democrat Party why wouldn’t it work for us if we spineless Republicans would think more like the Democrat luciferian government maybe we can actually see Justice in this country like we did over 200 years ago

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