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Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces Resolution to Censure Trump Judge Tanya Chutkan

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is attempting to censure and investigate the sitting judge handling one of former President Donald Trump’s court cases, according to a resolution the Floridian introduced Friday.

The censure resolution targets U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing the case regarding the former president’s alleged efforts to subvert the results of the 2020 election and his alleged role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Gaetz claimed the judge is openly biased against Trump.

“It is deeply concerning that a United States District Court judge would exhibit such blatant political bias from the bench,” Gaetz said in a statement.

“Judge Tanya Chutkan’s extreme sentencing of January 6 defendants, while openly supporting the violent Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, showcases a complete disregard for her duty of impartiality and the rule of law. Justice may be blind, but the American people are not,” he added.

The resolution condemns Chutkan’s supposed support for Black Lives Matter riots and her donations to former President Barack Obama, who appointed her to the court. Chutkan claimed in 2021 that comparisons between BLM riots and the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill are a “false equivalency” that “ignores a very real danger the January 6 riot posed to the foundation of our democracy.’’

Several notable conservatives have called for Chutkan’s recusal, claiming she was particularly harsh with the Jan. 6 rioters, even if they had no prior arrests. Trump himself has slammed Chutkan and accused her of wanting to see him behind bars.

Gaetz’s move comes the day after Trump’s lawyers requested the former president’s trial be delayed until April 2026, two years after the January start date federal prosecutors requested. The former president’s legal team claimed the defense would need more time to sort through the documents, which the Justice Department has devoted more than two years to gathering. The legal team said four months would not be enough time to go through the evidence.

Friday’s resolution also called upon the House Judiciary Committee to launch an investigation into Chutkan.

  • Judy LeClaire says:

    So far the republican house and senate have done nothing to hurt obiden or the democrats! Oh, they talk a lot about everything thjey have found obiden and federal democrats guilty of but have not started any actions of impeachment or anything against them! Get some guts and do something instead of just talk! Not much verbal positive for President Trump has even been said by them! If any of the others end up being the republican candidate and they win, they will not change things, they will go along with the democrats just like the bushes did!

  • Ben Aware says:

    If Bath House Barry appointed her, you can bet your bottom dollar that she is a partisan hack. She is really not a “judge” who is impartial, she is a leftwing activist who is trying to use her position to “set things right”. Throw her lying ass out.



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