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Popular Women’s Clothing Brand Faces Heat for Advertising Men Dancing in Dresses

Anthropologie, a famous women’s clothing store, had customers so upset over their recent advertisement featuring male modeling dresses the brand had to turn off commenting on their social media posts.

Earlier this week, Anthropologie posted an Instagram reel of a man dancing around in women’s dresses, causing outrage from its longtime consumers.

The brand was forced to delete the video and turn off all commenting following the significant backlash of the video.

In one of the videos, a muscular man with a shaved haircut twirled around in a dress, exposing his underwear.

Prominent figures reacted harshly to the posts, condemning the brand’s progressive move to feature a man in women’s clothes.

Other social media users also called out the clothing line, vowing to never shop at the store again.

“Pathetic to turn off comments. Way to silence the voices of the actual women who shop and wear your clothes. Hope that dude and his friends will come shop because I have a feeling you just lost more customers than you gained with this one,” one commentator said.

Another said, “Seriously? I don’t want to see a man’s bulge as he’s twirling in a dress. This is not the way to go, Anthropologie. It looks like my recent purchases are going back to the store.”

A third commentator pointed out how it is always men dressing in women’s clothing and not vice versa.

“At what point will companies figure out who their target audience is?? You guys obviously didn’t see what happened with Bud Light. Does anyone ever ask why we always see men wanting to be women and dress as women??? Funny, I haven’t seen one men’s clothing company go after the trans men’s market,” they noted.

  • jb says:

    too bad if he really is gay, I think he is hot in those dungarees and t shirt, sigh

  • OH Consservative says:

    Really something! I thought the twirlling that let us see his jock strap was perfect (maybe it was a bandage from genital surgery though. The pretty fairy shoes were perfect. Of course, he had to be black also. All the woke boxes checked: black, gay cross dreesser, maybe developing trans – – – everything America stands for now.

  • SWM and proud says:

    Quite a picture at home: Sister asking brother if she can borrow his dress to wear on her Friday night date. Or, brother getting mad because sister won’t let him wear her dress to the dance because he stretches out all her clothes when he wears them so they no longer fit right.

    Who are the woke deviants that come up w this nonsense.

    And Joe Biden has created a whole new dimension for Cpl Klinger in the military, when the TGs start showing up in formation wearing female uniforms, or they won’t go into battle because they are feeling “female” that day, and women are not supposed to go into combat…

    Not a pretty picture. Not a future to be desired…

  • Patty says:

    And another one bites the dust, bye-bye, Anthropologie! YAY! Take them down. You would have thought they would have learned from “Bud”. We DON’T want men acting like women, dressing like women, pretending to be women. It’s disgusting and it’s annoying,

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