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Photos: Hillary Shows Up to Film Festival Wrapped in a Blue Tent

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was spotted on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday wrapped in a tent.

Why was Hillary Clinton at the Venice Film Festival?

Many people were confused about why Hillary Clinton was there.

Hillary wore a blue tent and white flats.


The New York Post reported:

Hillary Clinton may have been a 2016 presidential candidate, the former First Lady and US Secretary of State, but now she’s making the rounds in the film industry.

The 74-year-old made a rare appearance at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday and her attendance confused some, who wondered why she was there.

Clinton posed on the red carpet for the premiere of director Noah Baumbach’s forthcoming Netflix film “White Noise.” She ditched her usual pantsuit look and instead donned a baby blue kaftan and shiny flats for the evening.

Many were confused about why she was there, but rumors have swirled around that it was due to her connection to Netflix. The streaming giant is also at the helm of Clinton and her daughter Chelsea’s documentary, “In Her Hands.” The project will be the first from the Clintons’ new production company HiddenLight Productions.

However, a Netflix rep divulged to the Hollywood Reporter that Clinton’s arrival had nothing to do with the documentary.

“Hillary was a guest of the festival’s for the opening night. Not our doing, but of course, we are working with her on ‘In Her Hands,’” the Netflix rep noted.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton has donned a blue tent in public.

In 2019 a portly Clinton was spotted in the Hamptons looking rough.

In 2018 Hillary Clinton got roasted for looking like hell at OzyFest – wrapped in a blue drape.

  • Tony says:

    She has ruined womanhood.

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