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Photos: Did Sen. Rand Paul Show Up to Work at the Capitol Barefoot, Wearing a Red Bathrobe?

Jeff Charles posted a photo of Rand Paul tonight mocking the new Senate dress code. He posed for a photo on the Capitol steps in a red housecoat and t-shirt while barefoot.

It’s an amazing photo and many were hoping that it doesn’t turn out to be fake.

The charade didn’t stop there another photo was posted online with the caption:

Sen. Cory Booker Faces Criticism for Wearing Pink Booty Shorts at Capitol After Dress Code Change

“[These shorts] represent the freedom to be oneself in an institution often characterized by conformity. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable.”

Our team did the research and we used an aplication that can detect AI generated images.

These photos unfortunately are not real but it could give Rand Paul a good idea on how to behave in future.

Red State’s Jeff Charles, decided to get into the fun with some AI generated images of senators taking advantage of the new rules.

This one fooled so many people. The replies and quote tweets are full of people who thought it was real.

Here’s more examples of the hilarious photos that were posted on X:

BREAKING: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also shows up in a suit and tie instead of taking advantage of the Senate’s dress code change.

BREAKING: Sen. Elizabeth Warren was spotted wearing some questionable garb after the Senate relaxed its dress code policy.

BREAKING: Senator Mitt Romney seen on the Senate floor in formal business attire, refuses to take advantage of the relaxed dress code.

BREAKING: Sen. Bob Menendez, who is facing federal bribery charges, seen at the Capitol building wearing a prison jumpsuit after Senate dress code change.

So the answer is no Rand Paul didn’t showed up in his bathrobe but he sure fooled many to believe in that story.

  • Greg says:

    I say dress like you’re attending a masquerade party every day. How else will the message be sent? Or better yet dress exactly like the zombie, Fetterman.

  • Fraser Crest says:

    Funny. Republicans have nothing better to do. They have nothing positive to offer the American People, except corruption, a wannabe dictator who has no regard for our laws, voting rights, ethics, classified information, or anything unless it benefits him directly. They know they back an insurrectionist who would try to dismantle what the Founding Fathers and colonists sacrificed so much for, and what took generations to accomplish – the Civil War was costly enough, but none of that matters to Republicans because they are motivated by fear and stupidity, and a disregard for their own oath of office. The only thing they got is to tell lies about Biden and Democrats that is true about Donald Trump and the Repugnicants. All they can offer is to feed more hate into the fire that fills the poor bastardos who have been conditioned to believe in lies no matter how absurd, and to reject common sense and truth. Fox Propaganda network and the like are a threat to national security, and so is the the GOP’s front-runner – that crazy, narcissistic, fascist, lying, corrupt, on-his-way-to-prison Trump!

    • Sniper7 says:

      Fraser here is so far out of touch he thinks Trump supporters still watch Fox News

      I’m afraid there is no hope for this moron, his TDS appears terminal. RIP

  • Sniper7 says:

    Seriously, please get a proofreader, or. if you already have one, fire them. Every article I read on here has an embarrassingly bad mistake. In this one you can’t even spell “application”. Someone should have seen it before this was posted. It JUMPS off the page.

    As far as the story…. I love that Rand Paul shines a spotlight on their ridiculousness.

  • Russian says:

    What we need here are photos of the laughing hyena camelA Herring and Mekhail Obama. Both creatures look transgender. There is nothing feminine about one or the other freak.

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